Why, even if he doesn't want Cyprus to help us? – BG Football – National Team


Citizens of Cyprus draw one point from Bulgaria in their home tournament from the League of Nations. They enjoyed a lot of things because it certainly guaranteed them third place in our group. And that means participation in the Division C race and other times.

Yes, but not really. Indeed, Cyprus cannot be the last, and this position remains Slovenia, which must have fallen. However, the team from Aphrodite's team is still not guaranteed, because it might also fall third.

Because in the division there are groups with three teams (Group 1 with Israel, Scotland and Albania), one of the third team teams must go. That is why different ranks are made between the third in the group and the one with the worst performance, in the next edition it will play with the biggest weakness.

Only the results of the first two teams in the ranking are taken into account in the classification of these used items. And Cyprus collected just one point from this battle – last night against Bulgaria, the other four against Slovenia – and so far they have taken the last position in this mini-order.

For now, Romania, Hungary and Albania are three points ahead of them. At this point, the only chance for Rang bin Shimon's son is in the last round to beat Norway as the host and thus will score 4 points.

Of course, ranking is very likely to change drastically and depends on results in other groups, which can send very different teams to the last place, and therefore the indicator changes even more.

But at this point, Cyprus were in last place and survival in this division was only a victory over Norway. Such results will open Bulgaria's door to first place and continue in the tournament elimination phase. What will happen, we must find out immediately.


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