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Which club sold the best in the last 10 years? – Football World – Others

The Atletico Madrid team is the first to receive funds from the sale of footballers. Spanish clubs are at the top of the list, covering the last 10 years. "The Duschekschi" is the best selling of all teams in Europe and has recovered 873 million pounds from the remaining 196 players.

Curious, however, is Benfica's second position. The Portuguese player sold 864 million pounds in the last 10 seasons, and has bought a discount of only 334 million. Simple Transfermarkt accounts prove that their profits are greatest if only the player who buys (589 million) is seen.

The big difference between Atletico Madrid and Benfica does not lie in the number of players sold but at the net cost. In the same 10-year period Spaniards have spent 900 million to transfer, compared with 334 million pounds for Benfica. That is. Alteico Madrid dropped to this figure with 31 million pounds.

In this decade Benfica sold some of the best players in the world. David Lewis, Axel Watsel, Nemanja Matic, Jan Cloud, Bernardo Silva, Joao Cansela, Renato Sanchez, Nelson Semedo, Viktor Lindelof, Luca Jovic and Joao Felix are just one of them.

Monaco (825 million), followed by Chelsea (791 million), Roma (732 million), and Juventus (721 million) are among the list of the biggest players on the list.

The top ten complete Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Porto and Liverpool.

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