Thursday , May 6 2021

What happened to Kamelia ?! Everyone is asked whether his biggest dream (PHOTO) – BLISTER is true

For several weeks now, Kamelia has toured with a fairly convex stomach, which is even visible from below with clothes that are so tight. This, plus the general impression that the player seemed to be full, resumed the usual rumors of pregnancy.

Over the years, it has been speculated that the singer is waiting for a child, but unfortunately doubts have not been confirmed. And, as is well known, Kamelia is among the well-known women in Bulgaria, who will hide until the end or will shrink to comment on the good and bad news about themselves. The former cashier has openly talked about the horrors he experienced as a woman, experiencing several spontaneous abortions. He also shared his reasons and dreams of becoming a mother.

"The first time it happened to me was a very psycho-emotional moment. My soul collapsed, fell down, cried, closed myself, refused everything, everyone hated myself, lived for a few days … I was under", he shared Camelia, and she managed to recover with the help of Tzvetin, half her parents.

The second time he knew he was pregnant, Camellia had just returned from a vacation on the original Black Sea coast. Only 20 days later he lost his fetus and returned to experience the same fear. Again, there is a procedure, a new surprise, a long recovery period … Kamelia is convinced that stress is not the cause of spontaneous abortion, Weekend wrote.

"Physiology – I'm rather and the fruit stops growing. It's not so much stress," he explained. The singer openly commented and how difficult it was for this woman to make a painful journey, whether it was known. "It's not easy. But I can't stop life and I love my life for the fact that it's hard for me to do it, or when I hope and it happens, it doesn't finish well," he said.

Apparently some miscarriages, Camellia and her old friends, even contemplated adoption. Both of them explore this opportunity by talking to their families who know more about this problem. And they have the impression that the procedure is difficult in Bulgaria. "There are thousands of choices to become parents. Mothers, unfortunately, fewer than mothers … I just want to be a mother, no matter how," Camellia said, who in January will be 48 years old. Precisely because of his words, which showed an extraordinary struggle and desire to become a mother, that his admirers were very hopeful this time to confirm doubts. The singer hasn't commented on rumors which are mostly based on his squat belly.

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