Vaklin "forgets" whether they offer 15,000 leva for Ivancheva


Architect Alexander Vaklin, who claimed to have been blackmailed by Mayor Mlada, was transferred, Desislava Ivancheva, he can't remember has someone done it offer it to "no" for 15,000 leva interrogation before spec.

Such talk is heard in one of the SSCs in this case. The phrase "I have an offer … special prosecutor's office … for 15,000 leva … they don't have it" was said by a man who was invited to speak to Vaklin in the municipality of the district while awaiting a meeting with Ivancheva. Then employers are equipped with BPK by investigators.

"Excluded CPCs do not overthrow claims that money is not claimed because they do not change through procedures, they do not make …

Because of this answer, the defense of Ivancheva and his successor Bilyana Petrova demanded a second Vaklin interrogation. He said, however, that he did not remember what 15,000 leva and prosecutor's offices were like, said Zet Club.
The courtroom also made it clear that the businessman Wacklin never talk about money with Ivancheva. He himself had admitted that many times he doubted whether the mayor knew the conversation Vaklin with the mediator of alleged bribery – former mayor of the Petko Dyulgerov region.

Djulgerov, Ivancheva and his deputy, Biljana Petrova, were accused of receiving a backyard from Vaklin for removing building permits.
However, Waklin gave an explanation for another moment in the note. The phrase: "This is a lot of money, it is better to raise the nomination of the capital's mayor, or change the law, with so much money telling you that you will pass Parliament to change the law, to be appointed to fools," he said. as an intermediary for the handover of bribe Petko Dyulgerov after the businessman saw Ivancheva.

To the point of view of the young Mayor who was left in detention and dismissed from the office of Mladis Dessislava Ivancheva, a successor …

He was very angry because he had waited for hours at the door "as a pioneer" to feel insulted.

In his second interrogation on Monday, he explained that in fact he intended to organize a media campaign to convince the public that the regional mayor must be appointed rather than directly elected by the citizens. And he said he never intended to pay for the mayor's increase.
Vacclin also admitted, that he is a prospective member. This is what you say for the first time in your testimony in court, the judge at Ivo Hinov, reported 24 hours.
Vuklin told reporters: "That was many years ago, I was a candidate from a small party who could not take 1% of the votes, won GERB, but my work was not tied to the political situation," he said.

European People's Party, MEP Barbara Matera has carried out an official investigation into the European Commission about …


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