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Tick ​​Tick Tick – Bulgaria


B thoughts of tick bites after rain and warm weather. Infectious disease specialists also noted patients infected with Lyme disease, NOVA reported.

Biting from fleas was led by Ilian Kamburov and his young daughter Anna at the National Center for Infectious Diseases and Parasites.

"I took him to the block. Then we went home. I put him to sleep, and when he woke up, I saw that it was red. It was very small, they said it was a larva," he said.

Laboratory studies show that the lice have not been infected, and Anna's father is relaxed. He and his neighbors remained alert.

"We where we live are regulated, paid for and sprayed. This is clearly booming now," Kambourov added. One of the reasons for this season's flea explosion is rain and relatively high winter temperatures.

"We did not experience an increase in incidence, but there was an increase in bites – there was no increase in Lyme disease in Sofia," said Caesarina Ilieva, Head of the ADI Parasitology and Department at SRSI.

Medical professionals make sure that even if the mites are infected, they should not panic.

"Such positive results still cannot be diagnosed because we do not know how long the lice last if they are removed," said the specialist. If the time period is shorter, there is no problem, but if it's longer, we must be careful, "said Chief Executive Officer Magdalena Baymakova of the MMA Infectious Disease Clinic.

Municipality of Sofia ensures that grass processing continues.

"The metropolitan municipality provides additional care for central parks and gardens. There are signals from residents and we send teams," said Milena Vaseva.

When biting It is recommended that a check mark be removed by a medical specialist. And if there is no such possibility, we can at least bring tweezers, spirits, and gloves.

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