This time it's more difficult, but United got a new success after 2: 1 over Brighton


Manchester United won their 7th consecutive victory under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after beating Brighton with a 2-1 victory.

The Red Devils control the game for the most part, but after getting a goal, they have the courage to last for twenty minutes before they can reach 3 points.

Paul Pugba and Marcus Rhapsford were re-registered for United to continue to score points, already 44 and looked increasingly serious for the Top 4 spot. The seagulls failed to take anything from the visit to the top six, but with 26 points remaining in the top position. 13.

At the last minute the hosts had to change after Luc Shaw felt very warm and was replaced by Diogo Dallo. Matteo Darmian added the band. That's the only difference from those who beat Tottenham last weekend. Brighton also started 11 of their defeat against Liverpool.

The hosts took the initiative from the start and several times sent a dangerous ball into the opponent's penalty area, but the visitors' defense was stable. In the 9th minute Pogba got a chance to shoot, but did not position his body well and made the ball inaccurate twenty meters away. The Ligard's head is followed, but also passes the goal.

Brighton hit back with Duffy with his head after a corner, but he was too weak and did not deter De Hea. Shortly thereafter, Murray in a sneaky ambush during the Seagulls attack, whose actions were not so safe.

Followed by a minute of applause to honor the legend of Matt Busby, whose death is now 25 years old. The pressure of the hosts increased and in the 26th minute they won a penalty. Pugba shoots to the right, falls into Bong and Marc's sandwich, and the referee points to the white spot. The Frenchman made no mistake because he returned to strengthen very slowly and made progress for his team.

In the 34th minute, the Brighton goalkeeper struck a heavy blow to Lindelof, who will definitely score. However, shortly afterwards, the home fans trembled when Murray found himself in a clear position in the penalty area but could not reach the ball well and send him away.

And after the host survived, it was the turn of goal by Marcus Rashford. In the 42nd minute the youngster was received from Dallo, with two extraordinary touches released by his keeper, then turned the ball into the far corner to make it 2: 0. So he scored in the 4th Premier League match in a row, and he and Pugba get 5 hits after Solskayer's arrival.

After the break, the situation on the field did not change and United continued to dominate and encourage opponents. Marcial will get out of the situation, but is stopped by Dunk. Linggard did not accept Rahel's proposal.

The Red Devils acted calmly, but in the 72nd minute they were punished and intrigue returned. Propeper centered on the outside of the foot, the ball transferred Andon, but fell to Gross, who after an excellent first touch sent him into the net and reduced the lag.

It also shook Solskjaer, who was nervous on the bench. The hosts played a little more carefully, and the Norwegian made and shifted. In the 84th minute, Andonde turned to the door, but de Hea had no problem, and the hosts finally reached another victory.

Manchester United – Brighton 2: 1

1: 0 Draw 27 penalties

2: 0 Rushford 42

2: 1 Gross 72

Manchester United: De Hea, Young, Lindeloff, Jones, Dallo, Matic, Herera, Pugba, Lingdar (76 Matt), Marcial (82 Lukaku), Rashford

Brighton: Button, Montoya, Duffy, Dunk, Bong, March (60 Noker), Stevens, Proeper, Kotor (82 Kayals), Lokadia, Murray (60 Andon)


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