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This is the best woman Slavi Trifonov, the showman can't do without him (PHOTO)


Slavi Trifonov may be one of the most successful shows and producers in Bulgaria, but on the side of love every time he loses. However, in Long's life there was a woman who was not his relative and had never left him.

His name is Diana Mladenova and he is the producer of "The Show of Slavi". He was beside Trifonov from the beginning of the show and everything related to work through it.

Diana answered and personally checked every detail of what happened in front of and behind the camera. Former cadre Longy is categorical that Mladenova played an equally important and indispensable role in Slavi's life, such as Evgeni Dimitrov – Maestro. Diana is a shareholder in Seven-Eight, participates in public meetings and has the right to make important business decisions, writing "Gallery".

The reason for Trifonov to choose his great confidence was the great loyalty he had shown him for years. Mladenova was five years younger than Long and was a native of Etropole. Even though he did not shine with vision, he impressed him with his sharp mind and business talent and quickly turned into uchinholeta's right hand.

According to the speech, Mladenova was a hard and despotic woman, who was disciplined first. As early as Rosen Petrov was part of Slavi's entourage, Diana already had full strength. Former friend Barrett admitted that Mladenova was wearing a fine for even the slightest violation, along with Trifonov, without winking.

Long's former colleague – Lyuben Dilov – son, also emphasized the big role played by women from Etropole in the show. Journalists and writers call it a "gray cardinal", because he is behind many of the decisions Slavi took for business.

It was believed that Diana was the first person Trifonov talked about at the end of the show, and his agreement convinced him that this was the right decision.

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