Saturday , May 8 2021

They pulled out the lawyer's legal obituary at the sign-off

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The entrance to the house and the lawyer's office, Iren Savova, have been overwhelmed by the obituary. They wrote that he had "died of his black spell." Savova is a defender of prominent lawsuits, among which is the case with the accused Mayor in the metropolitan area "Mladost" Desislava Ivancheva and the process for royal property.

Nova TV told Irena Savova that she had learned about the news of her neighbor's death. He did not know who would do it and what the motive was.

"It's so crazy I can't guess who it is. This question must be brought to law enforcement, I immediately gave a signal to 112. My neighbor was questioned, I did everything I could as a citizen. This didn't work, they didn't look for me either by police or prosecutor, "said Savova.

He thinks the case can be ignored, but that doesn't make it a lower crime. The lawyer urged the prosecutor to take appropriate action. In his words, there were enough cameras in the area to help identify the perpetrators.

"Extreme cruelty" in the Ivancheva case

"What happened in the Ivancheva case was extraordinary brutality, from the first day of detention, and they have been stripped naked for each check-in and out of arrest." "The two women in cells measuring 2 to 3 meters share a toilet along with adjacent cells, apparently not in good health," said Irene Savova. She is a lawyer for the former mayor of the Mladost metropolitan area and her deputy.

The court saw Ivanceva and Petrova's claims without the right to leave the country

The Prosecutor's Office has asked the Special Criminal Court to ban Deciklava Ivacheva and his deputy Billyana Petpova from leaving the country.

Requests for special protests will be heard by Judge Ivo Hinov on Tuesday.

On Friday, the judge changed their detachment action – from "keeping in detention" to "house arrest", but the prosecutor's office immediately protested the decision, and the Court of Appeals suspended its execution.

Legal experts commented that it was a precedent for restrictive measures such as complaints for the court, given Ivancheva and Petrova were still in detention.

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