The victorious killer, personally sued by Markovski's lawyer in the police force, kicked soccer in a village and was an oddity of freedom – Blitz


Only two years ago – on November 26, 2016, drunk with 1.28 promulgated, drugged, without books and drove more than 100 km, killing three people near Lyaskovets. The tragedy rocked the entire country because the perpetrator Bisser Arsov fled to the Netherlands and was declared doing a search, wrote

Today he is 33 years old, lives in Varbitsa and even plays soccer on the local team. The case against him has been submitted to the District Court for one year, but has been postponed for various reasons, and now the man will have an unknown lawyer. Meanwhile, relatives of the victims are waiting for justice!

Bisser was behind the wheel of a Ford Mondeo on a fatal night, and with him was a 19-year-old son and a 13-year-old boy. The three of them jumped happily at Petko Karavelovo the night before Saturday and went to the disco in Gorna Oryahovitsa. Then, in the fog, Ford dragged three people and injured three others in a bloody street drama.

Two days later the participants in the tragedy fought the police with a fake version, and at first thought that the 19-year-old player had driven the car. However, witnesses confirmed that behind the wheel of Biser, who was drunk and perhaps drugged and without a booklet. In addition, Bisser Arsov was convicted of driving a car after drinking alcohol. When the man was withdrawn, they decided to go down this road to Gorna Oryahovitsa to avoid the police, but they found people from other cars who were looking for help after the disaster. Wine decided to take over the 19-year-old UA who was detained for 24 hours.

Creepy disaster killed three families without a husband and father. 37-year-old Mario Nachev from 50-year-old Nikolay Paralasov from D. Oryahovitsa and 41 years old Tony Paunov from Gorna Oryahovitsa, was defeated and Dancho K., 55, survived the miracle. Opel Corsa has turned into a ditch and the driver calls his friends for help. The Lada Niva car with three people arrived. While people tried to take off the opium, they were swept away by Ford Mondeo, who rose angry and foggy. Then it turned out Arsov was driving more than 100 km per hour.

During the accident, Bisser himself was injured and entered the hospital. Because of this, he was not arrested and the prosecutor's office imposed 2000 BGN precautions in cash. After leaving the hospital, Arsov went to work in the Netherlands. When investigators went looking for him, it turned out he was not in our country and was declared a search throughout the state. It's been months since May 2017. he was taken to the police in Gorna Oryahovitsa not by anyone, but by prominent lawyer Marin Markovsky, who turned out to be his defense at the time.

Arsov was handed over to court and detained at the request of the prosecutor's office. But the Court of Appeal then put him under house arrest. In protest at the action, he was billed again with a guarantee of 2000 BGN. This is the last measure of defendant Biser Arsov.

This case was dragged for one year to the District Court and postponed. Now it is scheduled for December 12, and relatives are hoping for eventual retaliation. They are only private prosecutors and have no monetary claims to the perpetrators, because today is a mass practice to pay insurance companies!
The strangest thing about this case was that Bisser Arsov had rejected a shortened court case, was not guilty and the trial proceeded in the usual way with interrogation of witnesses. Will he also get rid of conditional penalties for murder three times on the road, as a precedent already in the District Court? Or this time
will be fully justified.


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