The first details of the missing plane with a record high soccer player!


Small aircraft with Cardiff record-breaking purchase Emiliano was wrong on the board, allegedly falling, Has lost contact with the British border authority about 700 meters above sea level. The local government has confirmed that the request for a landing permit was received from the aircraft at that time around 1500 meters. Once received, the offspring has begun, but then something has happened.

This drama is around 8:30 pm local time. 5-seat aircraft flying from Nantes to Cardiff. Only new Cardiff City drivers and pilots are there.

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The rescue operation began again overnight due to severe weather conditions around Guernsey, where the plane had disappeared from radar. Two helicopters, two powerbus, and one rescue vessel were included in the search today.

The other last minute read that there were three people in a private plane, not two, as previously announced. This is Sala, the pilot and other Argentine soccer players on the way to Wales.

At the same time, former club Emiliano Sala-Nantes postponed his fight against the French Cup against FC Entente, which must be played on Wednesday.



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