That's how Megz founded the Ronchev company – News from Bulgaria


Megz officially became one of the owners of the company Rumen Ronchev. Documents about the sale of shares in New Trans Group and Rose Valley Ex are listed on the Commercial Register on Monday – January 14, reports

On the agency's website, as partners in both companies the name Kakanaseva officially stands. The two notarized contracts were published, mentioning the percentage of profits from princess fashion from Rakovski. Seen from the documents, the transfer took place less than a month before Roncev was taken to the detention facility and two demands were brought to him. Interest was also triggered by the company's founding document Megz – "Trust MK".

Companies with capital of only BGN 100 are registered in the register five days before the transaction. From a contract signed between Megz and Ronchev, Kakanaseva acquired 51% of Rosa Valley EKS and 49% of New Trans Group. Total sales of around BGN 8,000. The shares were transferred to the Kakanaseva – Doverie MK company. A week ago the Roncevi family announced that they had filed a claim to suspend the transfer of shares.

Ronchev himself even wrote a letter himself, stating that the agreement violated the law. He turned to Megz with "Mrs. Kakanaseva", stating that he had withdrawn the application and proxy from them and said he was misled by Megz. He urged him to release shares and leave his office. But Roncevii's request was rejected, and Miglena Kakanaseva officially became a "partner". For ten days, the Rakovski designer owned two Ronchev companies located at Sheker Mahala, and did not allow anyone on the transportation base.

According to the newspaper, the door on Dilyanka Road was locked and employees of a private security company did not allow anyone in the base area where Ronchev's company trucks were parked – "Rose Valley" and "New Trans Group". There were two charges against Ronchev, both for imprisonment and theft, and the two Bulgarians were intentional crimes. He was subjected to constant "detention orders". The judge's decision came two days ago, and Miglena Kakanaseva himself appeared at the meeting. He even made a statement to the media before the trial began.



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