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Sundar Pichai: "Quantum excellence achieved by Google is like the first space flight, but in the IT field

Google has officially announced the creation of a quantum computer that can complete tasks that require more than 10,000 years on traditional supercomputers in three minutes. Forbes believes that this discovery is important not only for science but also for business.

This week, an article with the simple headline "Nature" appeared in the journal NatureQuantum excellence with the help of programmable superconductor processors"This is an important step for the quantum computing industry and the internet giant. This article specifically emphasizes that quantum computers are able to complete tasks faster than any classical computer.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai compares the achievement of quantum advantages with the first space flight:

"This is a reminder of the time when the first rocket succeeded in overcoming Earth's gravity and going into space. Events in the world of quantum computing are important moments, after which a large number of new opportunities will emerge," said CEO of the internet giant on the company's corporate blog.

Google has achieved this success with the new 54kW quantum processor Sycamoremade of superconducting cubes. Quantum superposition used – basic principles of quantum mechanics. It is known that classical bits can only have two states – logic 0 and logic 1. But qubits can be in both states simultaneously. The combination of 54 cubes used in the Sycamore quantum processor can take 253 quantum state or about one quadrillion countries. This (there are still many theories) allows quantum computers to complete certain types of tasks much faster than traditional computers.

The main problem with quantum computers is that maintaining a coherent state is a complicated process. Even the smallest changes in the environment cause errors in quantum calculations. That's why Google, IBM and other companies have created quantum processors that work with superconductors that are cooled to near zero.

Now, information about Google's experiment has also appeared. Nature says the internet giant has been able to use 53 cubes of Sycamore quantum processors to detect patterns in a series of alleged random large numbers. Quantum computers solve problems in 3 minutes and 20 seconds. The Google team estimates that classic supercomputers will do the same thing in about 10,000 years.

IBM, Google's main competitor in the quantum industry, criticized the experiment. Blue Giant experts write on the official IBM blog that classic supercomputers will solve the same problem in 2.5 days, with higher reliability. But there is no denying that quantum computers have been created that handle classical computer algorithms faster.

Competition in the market

Nowadays, it takes a lot of money and a lot of effort to develop a quantum computer. This is done for several reasons. The most important thing is that one of the basic principles in the technology sector, known as Moore's Law, loses its relevance. A continuous increase in computing power at a certain point will become impossible from the point of view of the laws of physics. In addition, the delay in hardware development is expected to stop software innovation.

That's why everyone focuses on quantum calculations. Unlike ordinary computers, quantum machines handle three very important business tasks very quickly. First, by logistics optimization – for example, by making the ideal shipping route. Second, chemical modeling can greatly accelerate the development of drugs for the pharmaceutical industry. And third, to create new machine learning applications.

Google said it was the first in the world to achieve quantum excellence, but it could also be someone else. This internet giant has many competitors who are ready to bring quantum computers to market. Research is being carried out in other fields as well. For example, at the beginning of this week the company IonQ said it had generated $ 55 million in investments from Samsung and other companies. These funds will be used to make quantum processors that can run at room temperature.

New processors will be easier to use, reducing error rates in complex calculations. Although IonQ lags behind other companies in the number of CPUs purchased, company CEO Peter Chapman is very optimistic. He said IonQ intends to double the number of quantum processors produced by his company each year. He said that in the first quarter of 2020, his company's customers would be able to use a quantum cloud specifically designed for IonQ processors.

Google's other main competitor in this field is IBM, which reported last month that its specialist center for quantum computing had begun operating. This center will ensure the operation of the Q quantum cloud network. With its help, corporate clients and quantum developers have developed programs that will be important when quantum computers reach their full potential.

Sundar Pichai also said:

"I am pleased with what quantum computing can do for Google and the world. Besides, I really like the essence of this technology. Anyone can track the progress of the first computer from 1950 to the current advancements in artificial intelligence. All this has really helped people in their daily lives. "

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