Stefan Danailov struggles with dangerous diseases


Stefan Danailov's favorite actor has for some time been experiencing serious health problems. They were not related to the lymphoma he had suffered for years. Danailov fights Parkinson.

That's why Stefan Danailov stopped to go to the National Assembly, but gave advice from his home about the new law. Even his students at NATFIZ attend lectures because they are not in good physical condition, even though they are mentally perfect, 24 hours a day.

Monitored and cared for by the famous neurologist Acad, Lachezar Traykov, whom he often visits. Presenting him the latest therapy and the most advanced medicine to fight Parkinson's disease

The doctor is sure and guarantees that his condition will improve as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Danailov no longer has both hands. There is pain in the shoulder and tremor.

Stefan Danailov did not leave his house at all. He was very upset because he lost his sister Rosica.

Danailov made no commitments, let alone performances, even though there were many invitations. There was a project together with actress Anja Pencheva, but it turned out that it was only good intentions, not facts. I hope that will happen.

The only one who made him was his student.

Every Saturday and Sunday, they visit him at his home, where Mastera continues to teach them theater arts, and they charge him with his energy. And do you know how to meet them? There are always Russian salads and pickled cucumbers, caviar and various fish. Well, with a little vodka. He told them "cheering"!

Mastera has not given up playing "Pygmalion" at the National Theater. 400 performance passes. He gained the power to appear again in the first stage.


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