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Niki Kanchev revealed curious facts about Philip Kirkorov PHOTO

Niki Kanchev often shares his friendship stories with popular and popular stars. Russian popular music star Philip Kirkorov is one of them, writes Shaw.

Together with Kirkorov, the journalist has been a friend for almost 30 years, and memories that he recently revealed on social networks about him will definitely bring up many comments.

"Behind a smile and the light inside is friendship that is almost 30 years old. I am a beginner journalist, who loves music very much, and I go around and appreciate everything.

He was a beginner singer, crazy in love with the stage and singing, and he walked alone in Sofia and looked for himself.

Now Philip is a mega-star, Celine Dion hugs her, witch Franco Dragoon has made her last show, "Yes and Yes", writing every year Russian songs for Eurovision.

Go and see today in Burgas, on Friday in Varna, where he lives as a long time on Jalan Belasitsa, on June 17 in Rousse. There are many reasons to do it. Such spectacles were not immediately exported to Bulgaria.

If not, he still loves Bulgaria, making himself a master in Bulgarian, feeling the son of this country, not forgetting that his mother is lying on Malashevtsi … Kanchev and Kirkorov – something that goes beyond friendship! ", Niki Kanchev writes on profiles on your social network.

We remember that today a big Russian pop star visited his mother's grave, Victoria Lichachova – Kirkorova, in Malashevtsi, and brought it with flowers.

"I will never forget you, Mom," the player shouted to his bodyguard. The woman he adored and insisted on marrying for 18 years, Alla Pugachova, left this world more than 20 years ago.

Victoria failed to defeat cancer and died on her son's birthday – April 30, when Kirkorov was 27 years old. Her mother's death caused an extraordinary injury to the singer and she still feels guilty today because she could not save her.

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