Juve beat "flying donkey", Ronaldo failed to execute a penalty


Italian champions Juventus won a classic 3: 0 victory in the Juvenus Kiuevo Stadium match in the 20th round of Serie A.

The first hit for "bikonkers" was the work of Douglas Costa, who scored in the 13th minute of the match. At the end of the first half, Emre Zhang doubled the home side's lead. Rugani was right in the 84th minute for the final result.

Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty in the 52nd minute after saving Sorenti.

After this match, the Torino team has 56 points in the league and is the leader in it, while "flying donkeys" are in the last 20 positions that are unbeaten with 8 simple points.

The meeting began much better for the hosts who pressed their opponents in the first minute.

In the 7th minute, Ronaldo was in trouble to find the middle ball from Bernard, but eventually he fell to the ball.

However, early Toronto pressure resulted and in the 13th minute Douglas Costa scored and gave the team the lead.

He struck a powerful shot from the edge of the penalty area and cheered Sorenti to give Juventus an edge.

Ten minutes later, Rougini had a good chance to double, but his shot did not hit the door and in the 33rd minute Ronaldo's shot was reflected by the opponent's keeper.

Shortly thereafter, Sorenti scored a good foot with Bernardeski's shot, and the hosts came to another goal and thus killed the intrigue in the match.

In the last minute of the first half, Zhang doubled it after being found by Dibala at the penalty spot.

The second half began with a great opportunity for Torino and a few seconds after the match Sorenti made a great intervention after a blow by Douglas Costa

In the 52nd minute, Juve got the right to shoot, but Ronaldo missed the white point and the results were maintained.

It was followed by strong minutes for the hosts, and in the 66th Mediorini with his head able to score, but Perrin intervened, and shortly thereafter, Juve's keeper reacted violently after the Rosentinian attack about 20 meters.

However, Torinoans reached the third goal in the 84th minute, which was the result of Ruggini's head and achieved final success.

Juventus – Kievo 3-0

1: 0 Douglas Costa 13
Emre Zhang 45
Daniele Rougni 84

Juventus: Perrin, Rougini, Cielini, De Shilio, Alex Sandro (89 – Kianes), Zhang, Matuiyi, Bernardeski (86 – Spinazola), Douglas Costa

Chievo: Sorentiano, Bani, Rosetini, Tomovich, Depaoli, Hatemai (61 – Vignano), Radovanovic, Keine, Jacquerini, Peliesser (65 –


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