José: I have rejected three offers after a break with United


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The former Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, has admitted he has fired three offers after he was fired from the Red Devils.

Under his direction, the team played soccer that was not in a hurry, and the results were lost and in conflict with a large number of players.

"I am happy from my current vacation and from the time I was free, and I am happy to have three weeks, and I think I will fight with my happiness at least until the end of March," said Skyports Special.

"I will take a careful analysis of the things I have rejected three choices for the new team because I don't feel like I want that I will be more relaxed. The more time I have, the better I prepare for the next challenge.

"The position of a manager in person is far more complicated for me, because you cannot focus on football itself, you have to think about what must be prepared for the future," said the Special.


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