Tuesday , July 27 2021

In Romania, they discovered the great work of Picasso

A canvas believed to have been the image of "Harlequin Head" Pablo Picasso, stolen in 2012 by the Kunsthal Art Gallery in Rotterdam, was found in Romania, Reuters reported, quoting Romanian prosecutors.

In one of the most dramatic historical thefts, seven paintings of Picasso, Matisse, Monet, and millions of other creators were stolen from the gallery.

The leader of the Romanian criminal group and his accomplices was sentenced for theft in 2013, but none of the paintings were found. Romanian experts later believed that at least three of the canvases were burned in an attempt to destroy evidence.

A report from the prosecutor's office investigated "a situation in which a picture signed by Picasso, valued at around 800,000 euros, was opened on Saturday night at Tulcea." The message states that the authenticity of the image is in the process of clarification.

It was also reported that two Dutch citizens had come to the Dutch Embassy in Bucharest with the picture and said they had found it in the southeastern region of Romania.

The remaining paintings stolen in 2012 were "Woman Reading Henry Matisse in White and Yellow", "Waterloo Bridge in London" and "The Crossing Bridge in London" by Claude Monet, "Woman in Open Window" by Paul Gauguin, "Self Portrait "by Meyer de Haan and" The Woman with Closed Eyes "by Lucien Freud.

The paintings are worth 150-300 million euros, the Romanian edition was written during the trial of the perpetrators.

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