Thursday , June 24 2021

Exclusive! Stoyanka Mutafova spoke of a serious incident she suffered, but the mystery became entangled – Blitz

Stoyanka Mutafova returned to the stage. Disaster Ms Stylian said she had no intention of resting and refusing information from the past days that came out of the theater stage for a short pause.

The next show, "Mistress Stinginess Disaster", is on November 22 at the theater "Tear and Tawa".

Manager Stoyanka Mutafova with extraordinary news for the great actress

"I have a wound on my leg, which is very difficult to cure, I am sick and sick, I have never lived there. I have no intention, but I do not have to challenge fate," said the big actress.

Stoyanka Mutafova entered the hospital

He categorically said that there was no time where he wanted to retreat. Art never bored him.

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