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Today will be cloudy. Little rain from wet snow or rain and snow will occur in northwest Bulgaria, in the southwest region – light rain, and in the mountainous regions of Western Bulgaria – thin snow. The whole country will be almost without precipitation, but at night and in the middle of the night Wednesday will fall in the central part of the country. In the south and east Bulgaria the southeast wind will be mild to moderate. The minimum temperature will be between minus 3 ° and 2 °, the dominant maximum will be from 2 ° to 7 °. This was announced by Evgenia Egova of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH), quoted by Focus.

Above the Black Sea cloudy but rainfall is not expected. Wind from the southeast will increase, it will be moderate. The maximum temperature is 4 ° -6 °. The temperature of the sea water is around 6 °. Ocean excitement will be 3 bales, at bay – 2 bales.

Above the mountains will be cloudy, in masses in Western Bulgaria and Rhodopes with low snowfall, below 1,200 meters of rain and snow. This will blow moderate to strong southwest winds. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1,200 meters – around 2 °, at 2000 meters – around minus 4 °.

On Wednesday in many places it will rain, more than about 1000-1200 m – snow. The wind in Eastern Bulgaria will temporarily be oriented from the southwest, will increase and the temperature there will reach a place up to about 10 ° -12 °. In Western Bulgaria most will remain between 3 ° and 8 °.

At night against Thursday rainfall will cover the entire country and will increase. It will blow to be moderate, in the east of the country the southeast wind is strong and will rain in the mountains of more than 1,600 m – snow.

In the coming days, with interruption, rainfall will continue. In some places, especially in Western Bulgaria and in the Rila-Rhodopes region, the situation will be quite large. The wind will remain southeast and temperatures will be relatively high for the period, especially in Eastern Bulgaria. Atmospheric pressure will decrease and will be lower than the average month.

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