Everyone in a poor mental health condition


Archive from a psychiatric clinic in the village of Patalenitsa

The share of people above 55 with such problems in our country is 11% above the EU average

In 2060, every third of Bulgarians are over 65 years old.

47.4% of Bulgaria more than 55 are not in good mental health, showing a national strategy for active adults for 2019-2030. The average share of EU people with such problems is 36.1 percent.

The population of our country is 7 050 034 people, and more than 55 years are 2,545 of them. This means that at least every third of Bulgarians suffer from poor mental health.

The main objective of this strategy is active and dignified life for the elderly by providing meaningful life and access to better health care.

Every third of Bulgarians will be over 65 by 2060. Aging has emerged as a social process that is durable and irreversible for all European countries, not just for Bulgaria. According to the National Statistics Institute data at the end of 2017 people aged 65 and above were 1,481,908, or 21% of the country's population. Every third Bulgarian who is more than 60 years old lives in a village.

Only 1.9% of adults in Bulgaria exercise, while the average active in Europe is 10.7%. Parental access to information and communication technology and the Internet is 22%, compared to 50% in other EU member countries. Bulgaria is more than 65, still working, around 9% while their colleagues in Estonia are 26.5% and in Romania 19.2%.

Lifelong learning, flexible working hours, and promotion of rural tourism as employment opportunities for people over 55 years of age, provide this strategy. The state is planning an agricultural market where adults only sell their own products.

Most people over 65 who have the ability to live independently suffer from serious health problems. The general condition of those entering special institutions has worsened. To overcome this problem, the state offers self-help groups – healthy adults to care for their colleagues, who are sick and helpless. It is also planned to hold a meeting with specialist doctors within the framework of the "Health on Wheels" project. There is also more prevention and parental participation in sports games.

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