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Colds, first symptoms and how to overcome them

Variable weather and upcoming cooling are the best prerequisites for colds. At one point we feel good, and the next we fall, our head hurts or our nose starts hurting.

Colds are clearly not fun, but not as much as the flu. And the good side is that we can easily deal with it without a doctor's visit. The solution: the right action in time – up to 24 hours after we feel sick.


Viruses are all around us and are too easy to get into the body. Whether they succeed in pain depends on our defense. But the best thing we can do if we (or constantly) among many people is to wash our hands often and not touch their faces. In this way, we prevent the spread of the virus.

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The first pill

If we feel sick, it's better not to delay the use of drugs for later. Most often it starts with dryness and throat irritation. Cold viruses produce chemicals that break down the epithelial lining in the throat and thus penetrate deeper into the airways.

Some viruses prefer to develop only in the nose and throat, while others settle in the lungs. With these two types, we can fight the most common pill or powder with paracetamol and ibuprofen, because there are already dozens. They reduce the likelihood of subsequent colds by half, as well as momentary symptoms.


Two to nine hours after the onset of the first symptoms is a sufficiently active period for viruses that have been able to overcome the body's defenses. They penetrate epithelial cells and begin to multiply. To fight our bodies with this invasion, it is a good idea to enjoy active rest that will allow us to focus all our efforts in this direction.

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The more viruses spread in our body, the worse our feelings and the more symptoms that arise. One of the body's defenses that tries to release transmission is sneezing.

White blood cells, which are part of the body's natural defenses, spread throughout the body. Because of its greater production, swollen lymph nodes in the neck and armpits occur. They also become painful to the touch, and unpleasant sensations can be reduced by hot compresses and ibuprofen.

Nose blowing

11-12 hours after entering our body, the virus starts moving in the blood, causing muscle pain. In addition, viruses affect genes that control cells in the nose and airways and open secretion production.

If our nose has started to flow, it is important not to breathe too loudly because it can cause infections in the channel that connects the throat, nose and ears, which only complicates the situation, writes the Daily Mail.

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Hot drinks

Immediately after a cold, a cough appears. Too much secretion is produced causing hypersensitivity to the respiratory mucous cells and this makes us cough.

Coughing also has a very important task – to prevent the entry of virus cells deeper into the lungs. However, if it is severe, it damages the epithelial tissue and causes redness and sore throat.

And this position of assistance comes to us warm drinks, as well as salt water gargle, which reduces sore throat and respiratory tract.

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Increased mucus production in the respiratory tract causes dehydration. Therefore, it is very important for our health to absorb enough fluid to restore our electrolyte balance.

The chemicals produced by our bodies during the fight against infection are completely capable of causing specific headaches that we associate with colds. It can also be combated with plenty of water, fresh drinks and mandatory chicken soup, which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.

How to deal with cold in 24 hours

How to deal with cold in 24 hours

Steps to make it worse

In most cases, if we take the right steps, the cold will disappear within 24 hours. One unusual symptom of this development is thick, greenish nose secretions. This is a sign that many white blood cells have died in battle with the virus, but still manage to overcome them.

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