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Bulgaria with painful but very important success for Australia in the League of Nations


The Bulgarian national volleyball team successfully started their home tournament in the League of Nations Race. In Varna, Silvano Prandi's son made it very difficult to win Australia with a match of 3: 2 (20:25, 29:27, 22:25, 25:21, 15:13). We once again showed ups and downs in their play, which turned out to be not fatal to kangaroos. An excellent match for "tricolors" played by Todor Skrimov and Tsvetan Sokolov, returning to the club. This is our second success, after the match 3: 2 weeks ago.

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The first part is quite equal, and everything is decided immediately after the second technical pause, when the kangaroo manages to turn things into their good and take control. There are four quick points for guests who confuse Silvano Prandi's boys. In the end, Australia withdrew their down payment and finally won at 25:20.

After taking the necessary confidence, the Australian team leads 8: 4 and breaks first in the second match. There was even a match and Theodore Todorov stepped out of the bench. We returned a portion of the bait to make 21:22 after a good attack by Tsvetan Sokolov. Australia comes to gameball at 24:22, but the ace Todor Skrimov returns us – 24:24. There is an extraordinary drama, where success in this part can go for both teams. Even with a little luck, fate finally smiled at his compatriot.

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Bulgarian volleyball players quickly draw at the start of the third section with 4: 1 and 8: 5 in the first technical disruption. But gradually, "tricolors" allow reversals and Australia leads with 16:18. Our rivals even reached four matches at 8:24 p.m. Todor Skrimov was cut to 21:24, but Australia achieved success in the third part with 10:25 p.m.

Our items were taken to the tiebreaker after success in the fourth part. Through that, the people of Silvano Prandi finally showed solid performance in the attack. Only once did Australia stop our attack. Rosalin Penchev played after he entered the game and Todor Skrimov achieved almost 80% success. The "lion" gradually increased their superiority in this game, reaching its biggest dimension at 6:13. Bulgaria came to Gameball at 24:20 after an attack in the interior of Stockton. Citizens win 4th part with 25:21.

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In the tiebreaker, we have greatly increased the success of their services, with Tsvetan Sokolov sending real bombs to feared Australians. However, ours once again shows their old defects in defense and the absence of a successful counterattack. All of this brings 10:12 to the guests. Todor Skrimov took us back to the match after the new direct service point. The Bulgarian blockade functioned at the right time and the results were likened to 12:12. "The Lions" came into the game after a very good orientation from Alex Grozdanov's network. And after another blockade, we experienced tremendous success over their rivals in Australia.

Tomorrow we will join Japan, which is suitable for the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.

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BULGARIA – AUSTRALIA 3: 2 (20:25, 29:27, 22:25, 25:21, 15:13)

BULGARIA: Georgi Senov, Tsvetan Sokolov, Martin Atanasov, Rozalin Penchev, Svetoslav Gotsev, Alex Grozdanov – Petar Karakashev-libero

AUSTRALIA: Arshadip Dowance, Lincoln Williams, Luc Smith, Samuel Walker, Nimea Mott, Trent O & # 39; He – Luc Perry-Libero

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