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Boris Bonev: 10 years European Union tolerates Borisov and GERB (VIDEO) government of Mutran – Video archive of talks and interviews by media reporters

When you devote so much time, money, and emotions to developing your city, you are more familiar with the problems and solutions. This is stated in the studio FACT Boris Bonev, candidate for mayor Save Sofia.

"We have a very good relationship with administrative officials in Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Paris, and we really have direct access to best practices, ideas and concepts about how things happen there and how they can happen in Sofia.

We have a program of more than 300 pages, more than 500 concrete steps, we have written it since October last year, so we did not decide to participate in the election. Then we want to make the election program as we imagined and if we participate – to be our election program, if we don't participate – to be a provocation to the parties. In the work process, we have found that we want to be able to achieve the things that we stand for.

It is important to me that one candidate becomes a visionary, not limited to one 4-year period, who is not responsible – people's lives are not limited to one period. The mayor must set a long-term goal and direct it to that goal.

I think Sofia's current government is gone, Sofia needs to change, Sofia needs young, proven, independent people to manage it and position it as a global player on the world stage, as a competitor to other cities, and not to live in dark and dirty corners Balkan us, "said Bonev.

"Fighting dirty air is very high on my priorities. When fixing improvements, we talk about stealing our money, when dirty air is about stealing our health, often stealing our lives. 900 Sofia die every year due to dirty air. According to statistics from the City Sofia, there are 50,000 kumbet, a furnace that pollutes 13 cars, which means that 650,000 vehicles are poured on the streets of Sofia every winter.It is important to say that human health is more important than comfort, overcoming this problem also requires steps that are not popular, which includes limiting polluting cars, banning coal combustion gradually, introducing low emission zones, very strict controls, especially in low-rise environments.

At Sofia Plan, we have put in place one of the most innovative ideas, namely drones equipped with special sensors that stand on chimneys, immediately analyze the chemical composition of smoke, and if it appears that forbidden substances are on fire, there are already police arguments to enter and dropping a fine because we are currently in paragraph 22. The police are entitled to a fine for burning illegal material, but they are not permitted to enter private property to take this evidence, "Bonev said.

The mayoral candidate commented on his categorical position on Ivan Geshev's nomination to the Attorney General:

"I do not know him, I can judge from his public appearance that I do not like it. The problem here is not Geshev, the problem is a prosecutor's office and a government, built on the Soviet model, this is one way of working that causes sheep's head threatened by a judge; peaceful protest as a counter-protester. This model of Soviet government, state and prosecution is the problem. Geshev is only the result of this problem, he didn't create it, he was created a long time ago. "

"I also dare to blame our European Union partners who have left us in practice, there are no sharp talks against corrupt practices, no talks to secure media freedom. It is hypocritical to me that a government that is as inhumane, incompetent, and inhumane as is the case "Boyko Borisov and GERB, have been tolerated for 10 years by our partners in the EU. This is unacceptable, I think we deserve more," said candidate Save Sofia.

"The way we negotiate with Bulgarian Democrats, I am not sure that I can be their candidate. It is very important for me in this struggle to include people who are ready, who know Sofia, like it and want to develop in the best way. With" Democratic Democrats " we have passed the goal we set for this election because for me and my team the most important goal is Sofia, I wish them, of course, success, there are many qualified people on their list.

I chose to be an independent candidate because when you are an independent mayor, you are only responsible to the people who have chosen you and the people you manage. When you are a party, you usually answer first for the party and then in the public interest, if you answer the public interest at all. I am not ready for all the work Happy Sofia for 10 years to give it to anyone, who will put it on the collar as a brooch and then we will not have control, there is no ability to fight for our goals

However, the appeal that I heard recently was rejected, it seems that some Bulgarian Democrats forgot that everyone has the right to vote and be elected. I don't think anyone in Bulgarian history or the world gave up at the height of the campaign. I will not accept accusations that I voted or deprived someone of an opportunity to do something. I was the first person to take this field, I had the most complete program and I claimed to be the most prepared candidate, who had worked for 10 years for Sofia, 10 years, where the people who called me to resign had no idea how much many coalitions and party formations and mechanics, "he commented.

Watch the whole conversation with Boris Bonev on video:


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