Bayern do not forgive Hoffe and are close to three points behind Dortmund + FIGURE


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Bayern Munich started in 2019 in a dream-like way after beating Hoffenheim with a 3-1 victory as a guest in the 18th Bundesliga German round match.

The champions played very strong in the first round, where they really beat their opponents and retired with two goals led by Leon Gorettaka.

After the pause, the Bavarians retreated from the initiative and logically occurred just before one hour of play when Nico Schultz cut down. But in the 87th minute, Robert Lewandowski gave a point.

Thus the second on the table Bayern Munich collected 39 points and was almost three points behind leader Borussia Dortmund, while Hoffenheim was seventh on 25 points.

Boy Julian Nagelsman lost for the first time in the last 11 rounds, and for Munich this was the sixth consecutive championship victory.

The "Preserio Arena" meeting which was recently renamed began with a bit of domestic pressure, but the first good chance was opened for the Munich people. Robert Lewandowski put the ball behind for the left side, but the ball hit the left side.

It was a quarter of an hour when David Alabas, who was very active on the left flank, screwed up the Hoffe defense with sharp centering. Lewandowski struggled for the ball and gave Thomas Mueller the chance to reach a difficult position. The World Champion defeats the opponent, and from the falling position blows but does not hit the door.

In the middle of the first part came a very interesting moment, because Bayern defender Mats Hummels took on the role of attacker, and host host Andrey Kramaric appeared as a defender. Germany took a corner and made a close shot, but Kramaric cried and blocked the ball just before the goal.

Strong performance of the Bavarians scored and in the 34th minute they found the score. Kingsley Comman centered on Lewandowski, whose head shot was saved by Oliver Bowman, but Leon Goretka made a successful addition to obscene from an awkward position.

In the extra half of the first half, Hoffe tried to equalize, but Goretka blocked a blow to the side of his team and seconds later he was back in the arms of his team-mate. The Bavarians made a lightning counter, with Alabas centered on the left, and Gorettaka scored skillfully from a fallen position.

Gorrekka is twice as close to the possibility of hetrik after the break, but in both cases the ball does not reach him, even though he has a good position. At the back door, the hosts could lower, but Manuel Neuer saved a diagonal jump to the door.

The Alabama striker's direct free kick was saved by Bowman, and shortly before the end of the hour, Hoffenheim equalized quickly. Joelinton was handed to midfielder Nico Schultz, who fired a shot into the left corner and managed to fool Noyer.

There was a period of calm, but in the 83rd minute the guests from the crowd trembled because Manuel Neuer had to make a fantastic save after Shalay's head closed.

Four minutes later, Bayern eliminated intrigue. Hames Rodriguez dipped gently for Thomas Muller, who was centered on the move, and in Lewandowski's dime he had nothing more to do except to pay attention.

Hoffenheim – Bayern Munich 1: 3

0: 1 Leon Goretska – 34 & # 39;
0: 2 Leon Goretka – 45 & # 39; +1
1: 2 Niko Schulz – 59 & # 39;
1: 3 Robert Lewandowski – 87 & # 39;

Hoffenheim: Baumann, Vogt (Grill – 56 & # 39;), Luxury, Hübner, Kaderzabek, Schultz, Demirbey (Geiger – 56 & # 39;), Bitenkurt, Kramaric, Belfodil, Jolieton

Bayern Munich: Neuer, Zule, Hummel, Alabama, Kimmich, Martinez (Boateng – 90 & # 39;), Thiago (Chamez – 78), Goretka, Muller,


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