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B. Mihaylov's Exit Burdens the Boss "Vasil Levski"

Recognition of a jeep to the track is an angry athlete, and the principal of the facility – the sports minister

The conflict fled from BFP president Borislav Mihaylov from the media after the loss of 2: 3 from Kosovo brought unpleasant consequences for Georgi Kusev, director of Vasil Levski. Yesterday he was fired from his position. The reasons for this were not announced, but this seems to be the result of a public reaction to what happened on Monday night.

Then, one hour after the match, Mihailov was detected by the camera as he descended the stairs from the lodges and headed for the athletic track where his personal jeep was waiting for him to take him through the fire exit and ambulance. So the football union chairman avoided unpleasant questions about defeats, weak national matches, and failed championship campaigns.

Mihaylov was escorted by Kuzhev, who was a former employee of the soccer headquarters, where he was director of the BFU trading department and a marketing and advertising officer until his appointment to lead the national stadium in 2013.

The storm angered not only fans and the media, but also the athletes practiced at the stadium. "Can't get 100 meters away?" The (athletics) federation gives crazy money to break tracks and we can run … If we step on the grass, they make us crazy. And here to graduate with a jeep – the track becomes meaningless, "commented in front of the athletic bTV coach Valya Demireva, mother of Olympic deputy champion Mirela Demireva.

Sports Minister Krasen Kralev was not sharp at Mihaylov, but he explained that he did not agree with his actions. "There is no explicit ban on entering private cars, but that is not true," he said. Kralev, who is the head of the stadium and Kuzel is under his command.


Krasimir Balakov is expected to report to the Bulgarian Football Association for his first two matches in which the national team lost. Before this meeting, he told Diema Sport: "I am open to criticism and I am welcomed … In the training profession, especially the national team coach is a big responsibility, I am ready for everything that happens after the appointment. There are more than 6 million football players I have said that I have a new concept that the selection of players will be different, not from today to tomorrow, I will not let go of my vision.

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