Accidents go without a warm residential district in Sofia – Blitz


Because of the accident, warming up in the "Hladilnika" quarter and part of the district "Lozenets" was stopped, reported by Toplofikatsiya Sofia. The company said about BNT that within a few hours the accident will disappear and the heat recover.

There are no clients in the "Hladilnitsa" quarter in the section between: "Nikola Vaptsarov" Blvd., "Kozyak" Street, "Chisinau" Street, "Cherni Vrah" Blvd, and "Lozenets" University Hospital.

In the Lozenets district there is no heat supply in the section between: "Mount Babuna", "Nikola Y. Vaptsarov" Blvd, "Cherni Vrah" Blvd, "James Boucher" Blvd, Galichitsa str. "Yakubitsa", Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, part of "Cherni Vrah" Blvd., "Gorski Pathnik" Str., "Bogatitsa" Str., "Str Kozyak", "Elin Vrah" Jalan Kozhuh, United States Embassy, ​​South Park Residential Group.


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