Wednesday , August 4 2021

A prostitute robbed a former top scorer

Do you remember it? Lokomotiv (Sofia) former top scorer Sasha Antunovic has become very unrecognizable, as we can see from her photos on Facebook, where she is quite active. The 44-year-old eccentric Serb, who has gained a lot of weight, has drawn attention to the story he revealed. It turned out that Antunovic was involved in a colorful crime.

The former striker, who played for Lokomotiv (Sofia) from 2004 to 2009, complained on social networks that he was sedated and robbed by a prostitute he called to overcome.

Antunovic was a victim of intimate fraud a few days ago when visiting friends at the Haskovo Mineral Bath. He calls a local pastor in love with his hotel, finds him on a special dating site, where the prostitute is self-serving for the price of doubting 20 leva. However, Drunken Sasha, does not understand that the advert is lure for someone who is naive …

A few hours later he woke up naked on the bed and found a lack of a large amount of money in his wallet. The Serbs claimed that his colleague had anesthetized him, stealing the opium drink in the drink secretly.

"Rositsa Ivanova, Haskovo village came to the address and I was sedated and stolen. I gave 500 leva for address and telephone", has released a prostitute search Sasha Antunovic on the popular facebook group "Shkembe Chorba".

Former soccer player, Vip Brother, is quite active on social networks. There, almost every day he publishes photos of his personal life, mostly from the average. In one photo, Antunovich held a euro bundle and added the following text to him: "I have Virgo, not like I don't have Virgo."

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