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Thiago Neves won at Cruzeiro more than other Corinthians players; compare values


Estimated as a possible strengthening of Corinthians for 2020, Thiago Neves must lower his salary claim to begin negotiations with President Andrés Sanchez and his council. At the moment their salaries at Cruzeiro are higher than the ceiling of the alvinegro club.

According to the portal information Yahoo SportsThe 34-year-old midfielder receives about $ 800,000 a month on a cruise. Last Thursday, after talking about "a willingness to play for Corinthians", the player joked about the salary delay situation at the Minas Gerais club.

Thiago Neves

Promotion / Cruise

Possible agreements with Corinthians, however, will still raise costs such as gloves and the award will be diluted in maturity. So, in the scenario of maintaining the current salary, Timon will disburse the amount close to $ 1 million per month with socks.

Such investment is not possible in Corinth. The club has been famous in recent years because of its strict policy of respecting salary limits – including the recruitment of "losers" like Gabigol and Rodriguinho earlier this season just because of that.

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At present the Corinthian salary limit is around R $ 600 thousand to R $ 700 thousand. Next to him were players like Cássio and Fagner, who renewed their contracts in January, and Gil and Mauro Boselli, who were the club's main players in 2019.

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