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The Trump government released a new temporary license for Huawei to continue in the US


Update (11/19/19) – JB

The United States Department of Commerce confirmed on Tuesday (19) the granting of a new operating license for Huawei in that country. According to the agent, the Chinese giant can continue to support its equipment until February 16, 2020.

Documents issued by the department also show that the new temporary license now allows Huawei continue some limited operations in the telecommunications sector. In addition, China can also expand its cyber security research capabilities in the US.

This temporary general license authorizes certain activities, including those required for ongoing operation of existing networks and equipment, as well as support for existing cellular services, including cyber security research. They are very important to maintain the integrity and reliability of existing and fully operational networks and equipment.

Trade Secretary Wilbur Ross told a news conference that an extension of the Huawei license was needed so that the US rural internet "did not collapse." That's because the Chinese manufacturer is the largest rural operator provider in this country.

With the official announcement of the move, it appears that Huawei must continue to extend licenses until the US and China complete the pending trade war. However, so far, the department has not allowed US companies to re-negotiate with China in the components and smartphone markets.

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Original text (11/18/19)

The United States Government will announce today a An extension of Huawei's new operating license in this country. The information was disclosed by a source who worked at the country's Ministry of Commerce, but has not been officially confirmed.

According to Reuters, the extension should only be two weeks, but the government thinks it is better to extend it 90 more days. That's because Huawei has a license issued in August this year and will end this week.

However, like most Rural operators still depend on China To continue to offer 3G and 4G networks, preventing Huawei from supporting its equipment will cause "blackouts" in rural America. This can also trigger a process of "mass bankruptcy" from small operators.

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Speaking to the press last Friday (15), US trade secretary Wilbur Ross himself said that the country's rural operators needed Huawei:

There are quite a number of problems with telephone services in rural communities – we don't want to eliminate them. Therefore, one of the main objectives of a temporary general license is to enable rural businesses to continue to operate. There are still risks, but we need to consider the needs of several communities.

While the move is another "easing" of trade sanctions, Trump's secretary of government continues to say that Chinese women pose a threat to US security. Therefore, this temporary license should not apply to 5G equipment.

To date, the official announcement of the extension has not been issued by the government. However, sources indicate that this must be done happen in the next few hours. Even so, that action has become another reason for celebrations for the Chinese.

That's because the Department of Commerce must also issue a special license for US companies to return to the negotiating table. As a positive result, Google will once again provide its products and services on a Huawei smartphone.

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