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The Seventh Guardian left criminals and murderers away without punishment and turned into hate in the end · TV news


Characters without charisma Seventh Guardian bid farewell to the public this Friday (17), after six months of penance in the air. Globe ninth novel makes the public frustrated. Accompanying 161 chapters of the Aguinaldo Silva plot is a test of patience. Many give up in the middle of the road, and those who persistently attach trombones through social networks to complain about the lack of surprises and explanations. What can be a case of love turns into hatred.

After all, what's the use of a fountain with magical water if no one can use it? Along the leaflets, "holy water" was used to raise the lion's cat several times, to cure Olavo (Tony Ramos) scissors and Valentina (Lilia Cabral) sores, Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso) and the priest Ramiro (Ailton Grace).

The big beneficiary is always the first lady of Letícia Spiller, who remains young even though she is older than her sister, and Eurico (And Stulbach), whose sexual impotence was reversed after being convicted of betraying the fellowship.

The balance is that it is a lot of sacrifice and the balance of eight people dies so that the source returns to squirt only for a minimum group of people to see it.

Impunity for all

At Serro Azul, evil replaces it: at least that is what the last chapter shows. Valentina was killed Olavo and go. Laura (Yanna Lavigne) kills Gabriel and isn't caught too. Sampaio (Marcello Novaes), a history crime collector, who included being a delegate without a contest and with a fake diploma, buried a good person living at the beginning of the plot, kidnapping and trying to kill Judith (Isabela Garcia) … Speaking of which, she also finished free, light and loose.

Valentina (Lilia Cabral) cries the death of her son, Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso), hugging her body

To complete this list, there is also a corrupt mayor. Eurico stole for years and still managed to choose his son as his successor in public administration.

Mirtes (Elizabeth Savala) had been evil until last month. The personality changing fact does not erase the crimes committed by venomous beasts, damage the family and assume the role of the blogger caused the intrigue of Serro Azul.

Ghost guard

The last chapter only has two scenes that don't leak. Instead finished with Luz bathing in the fountain, it was Bean (Cauê Campos) who swam in magical water. The order is ownership of the boy as guardian. Dead guardian spirits seem to "bless him."

Already having a family lunch at the house of Aphrodite (Carolina Dieckmann) entered after Aguinaldo Silva sent the final chapter to production. The author himself revealed on his social network that he had forgotten the results Nicolau (Marcelo Serrado). The giant is finished alone, without the atmosphere to be friends with children and ex-wives.

Leopoldo Pacheco, Ana Beatriz Nogueira, Zezé Polessa and other dead guardians appeared

Have mercy on me

The audience's frustration still extends to the characters who are part of the nine novels, but do not have history. Only in the penultimate chapter, Adamastor (Theodoro Cochrane) opened his heart and talked about the suffering of growing up in an environment that was hostile to homosexuality.

As much as no one will talk openly about it, the end of The Seventh Guardian is relief for the players and production. This novel is a magnet for problems and has many people who redeem this sixth night behind the scenes. So, without saying goodbye, without nostalgia, this nine-hour novel is too late.

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