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The price of diesel marketing allows the end of subsidies, said the association – 11/29/2018 – Open Market

The selling price of diesel fuel in all regions of the country is lower than the international reference value, which would make it possible to end subsidies, according to data from Abicom, an importer association.

The program decision was made after the truck driver stated that the grant expired on December 31, but that the deadline could be revised if conditions permitted.

If the government adds the end in a month, it will stop spending R $ 1.5 billion in paying for fuel consumption, according to Sérgio Araújo, entity president.

The dollar and oil prices both fell, bringing the benchmark and prices being marketed closer, he said.

"The benefits can end now, consumers have paid prices that are not done without subsidies. Agents involved in diesel sales are in the hope of closing."

Importers are worried about the possibility of a sharp increase in pump prices in the early months of 2019.

"Maybe at the start of a new government, the dollar and oil barrels will not be so low, and the program will end. This will be the beginning of the year with a big price increase."

Plantations even created a surprising final benefit from October, but the Civil Houses considered it necessary to continue subsidies.

Ministry members speak with the transition team about sustainability at the end of December or early.

Start fruit

The Conformes program from the São Paulo state government is expected to increase tax revenues by around 1%, according to Finance Secretary Luiz Claudio Rodrigues de Carvalho.

This measure changed some of the procedures of the Sao Paulo tax authority, and was one of the last actions of former governor Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB-SP).

Treasury countries receive, in the first six months, R $ 1.43 billion more.

Money comes primarily from self-regulation – the taxpayer tells the taxpayer about the problem, but gives him the opportunity to improve himself without opening notice.

"There are around 1,600 eligible companies, and we have stopped doing a number of notices of this violation. This has reduced litigation," Carvalho said.

One innovation, the classification of good and bad taxpayers into classes ranging from A to E, is still not fully functional, which will occur in March.

Catalyst deficit

Brazil's trade deficit in the chemical sector until October exceeded the total registered in 2017, according to Abiquim, an association representing the industry.

The difference between imports and exports is US $ 24.5 billion (R $ 94.3 billion in the current exchange rate) in the first ten months of 2018, up from US $ 23.4 billion (R $ 90.1 billion) this year the whole past.

"The estimate is that in December we will have a deficit of nearly US $ 30 billion," said Denise Naranjo, director of the foreign trade area at the association.

The estimate is that by 2019, the balance will be more unprofitable, according to Naranjo.

In addition to the new government that shows a favorable position for trade liberalization, the reduction in import tax rates is being analyzed by the Mercosur member countries.

Waiting for consumption

The logistics condominium sector improved in the third quarter of this year, compared to the same period in 2017, according to consultant Colliers International.

One of the market's main indicators, net absorption (the difference between leased and returned areas) rose by 50%.

The vacancy rate is 22%, compared to 26% in 2017.

If consumption increases, empty spaces must be occupied immediately, according to Marino Mario da Silva, president of Retha, a company that designs, manages jobs and manages warehouses.

"The hope is that next year some empty buildings will be filled, and the occupancy rate will be between 85% and 90%. New businesses will be needed in a short time."

The company built an 80,000 m² warehouse in Cajamar (SP). This is the first work they have begun in the last three years. Since then, clients who have appeared have only requested renovations to existing buildings.

New in the squareThe well-known multinational company GroupCaliber will also operate in Brazil, with bases in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, starting in December.

CevicheThe Rinconcito Peruano network will open its first restaurant outside São Paulo in 2019. At least there will be three in the country. This contribution amounts to R $ 1.5 million per store.

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