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The national anthem will be renovated and relaunched, said rumor •

Bioware is still preparing a new Mass Effect.

In spite of that silence, Bioware is diligently working on an overhaul of the national anthem, while taking the first step in producing a new Mass Effect game.

According to unofficial information, obtained from Kotaku sources, the absence of communication does not mean ignoring the National Anthem, on the contrary. Second, the team is preparing a major overhaul of the national anthem which can be presented under a new name: National Anthem 2.0 or the Next National Anthem.

Bioware has not yet decided whether important news will be presented at once or if several updates will be presented. At present, it has not been decided whether to follow Destiny's path with The Taken King's style expansion or an increase similar to what was done with No Man's Sky.

Other sources indicate that Anthem Next can be released as a completely new game, a fresh and clean face for the controversial Bioware game, but presented at a lower price to its original owner.

The format for presenting Anthem Next is uncertain, but Kotaku says the intention for gameplay is well defined: radical changes in mission structure, pillaging systems and the world.

"We spent several months deconstructing and realizing what needed to change fundamentally (a lot). We have been rebuilding for several more months," said an anonymous source in Bioware.

Hundreds of officials in Austin, Texas and Edmonton work in the future of Anthem while on the internet proclaiming death in the game.

Kotaku also said that Bioware had begun the development of a new Mass Effect, whose team was led by Mike Gamble.

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