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The Ministry of Health is preparing a measles vaccination campaign

The Ministry of Health is preparing a measles vaccination campaign to begin nationally on June 10. That information was confirmed by the ministry itself.

This year, the ministry has confirmed 83 cases of measles in the country, 43 of which are in Pará, 27 in Sao Paulo, four in Amazonas, three in Santa Catarina, three in Minas Gerais, two in Rio de Janeiro and one in Roraima. Of these, 27 are original and all are residents of Pará. The remaining cases are imported from other countries or the source of the infection cannot be identified. From January to May last year, the ministry reported 117 cases of measles in the country, with two deaths.

Of the imported cases, 19 of them occurred in a disease outbreak on a cruise ship in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo. The same vessel also caused three measles cases in Santa Catarina and one case in Rio de Janeiro.


Measles is a contagious, viral, and contagious disease, transmitted through talking, coughing, and sneezing. Symptoms of the disease are high fever [acima de 38,5º C], cough, coryza, conjunctivitis and reddish spots on the skin and white on the buccal mucosa. Vaccination is the only way to prevent disease. The vaccine that protects from this disease is a triple virus, which also protects against mumps and rubella.

The most common measles complications are respiratory infections, otitis, diarrheal diseases, and neurological diseases. Measles complications can leave sequelae, such as decreased mental capacity, blindness, deafness, and growth retardation. The worsening of this disease can cause the death of children and adults.

In 2016, Brazil received a certificate of removal of the circulation of measles virus from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). However, in March this year, the Ministry of Health confirmed to Opas a case of endemic measles that occurred in Pará in February. With this, Brazil will lose certification as a disease-free country and need to start plans to continue the degree in 12 months.

According to the ministry, the federal government has set vaccination coverage as a priority goal of health management in the country. In this priority agenda, the Ministry launched the Brazilian Vaccine Movement in April, seeking to reverse the picture of the decline in vaccine coverage in the country in recent years.

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