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The LG G8 ThinQ the Galaxy S4 returns which no one asked Analysis / Review

LG is betting on three flagships this year and the first to arrive in Brazil is the G8s ThinQ, which features the Hand ID feature, which reads your hand veins for biometric authentication.

It also uses a ToF sensor to record motion using Air Motion, a feature that is very similar to what we first saw in the Galaxy S4 in 2013. And the technology is still not as useful as before.

LG's new seed left the IPS LCD screen and bet on a good OLED. The sound is now stereo and brings the model closer to competition. The performance is good, but that's behind the competition. Already the battery remains LG's weak point.

The G8 repeats the same formula as last year's G7 ThinQ: It's a cool phone at the wrong price. LG needs to follow the same strategy as ASUS and bet on cheaper flagships to compete with others instead of investing in unhelpful technologies like Hand ID and Air Motion.

This is a phone that gives a good experience, does not disappoint in speed and the camera takes good pictures. The battery must be better and the charging time is also bad. In short, this is a fine phone. Nothing bad, but it doesn't stand out at all.

The cost advantage is worse than this year's major release. There's no point in paying nearly 4 thousand reais on it, but when the price drops to something close to Zenfone 6, then it can be an attractive top-line option. To check everything about ThinQ G8, just click the link below for our full review.

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