Saturday , May 8 2021

The hood of the car in BR 343 and left one person dead and three injured – Police

On the afternoon of this Sunday (18) Highway Police
Federal filed for an accident in the municipality of Campo Maior, in BR 343, in Km 254.
Cars, Renault Sandero models, lost control, left the runway and upside down
soon after, leaving one fatal victim and three people injured with serious injuries.

According to the PRF, three injured people were rescued and referred
for service at Campo Maior. The victims have not been identified.

So far the PRF has no information about what
will cause the accident. A team is on site to do expertise and
identify motivation from rollover.


Accident is one of the recorded events during
during the period of Operation Republic of Proclamation 2018, starting in 2005
Last Wednesday (14) by the Federal Highway Police (PRF). Until now
ten accidents occurred in the entire country of Piauí, which resulted
the death of four people. However, according to the Highway Police Inspector
Federal District, Welendal Tenório, registered death is not related
operating characteristics.

"Unfortunately they are accidents that usually occur at
everyday situation. Two deaths were recorded by drivers who did not
activated and passengers do not wear helmets. They leave the runway
and collide with trees. The third death is recorded in the next area
Urban Victims also leave the road and collide with fixed objects, "he explained.

By: Yuri Ribeiro

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