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the author of the puncture at Bolsonaro cannot be imitated

Judge Bruno Savino, from the 3rd Juiz de Fora (MG) Court, gave the first sentence for this case: Adélio Bispo was released "on the grounds that it had nothing to do with the time of the trial." He is said to have a mental illness that caused his crime.

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The judge considers the psychiatric reports requested by the defense, which are carried out by private doctors and then confirmed by official expertise. Medical assistant psychiatrists for the prosecution of victims, in the case of current president Jair Bolsonaro, confirmed the diagnosis of Persistent Delusional Disorders.

In a decision on Friday (14), Bruno Savino wrote that the defendant was "improperly released". This means that the accused is exempt from punishment, but it is necessary to establish adequate security measures, both in detention centers or, as it is currently, living in the Campo Grande Federal Penitentiary (MS). Because it was considered high risk, Adélio Bispo remained in isolation and was exiled for an unspecified period.

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On the 27th, the judge informed the defendant's inability and even urged Jair Bolsonaro to testify, with the possibility that the president would announce it in writing. On the last 10 days, an investigation is conducted and, with the final report for assessment, an examination of the performance is carried out.

"To characterize criminal liability, the existence of mental illness or incomplete mental development, the inability to understand the nature of actions that violate the law or to determine itself according to that understanding, and, finally, the suitability between these actions and mental incapacity," the judge wrote.

Adélio Bispo was released, however
still inmate

Although free, Adélio Bispo will not be released. He will remain in prison and will be evaluated every three years, and he may remain in the hospital at another mental health institution:

"I am changing the pre-trial detention to be a temporary detention order. I order that the accused be held in the Campo Grande / MS Federal Maximum Security Prison."

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Adélio Bispo's decision was released and investigated the crime

According to the judge, despite Adélio Bispo's decision to be released, immortality in prison guaranteed security even against the defendant's physical integrity, and was the desire of Adélio's lawyers.

During the investigation of the case we came to consider the participation of the First Command of Capital (PCC) criminal faction in crime. Adelio's lawyer, Zanone Manuel de Oliveira Juniors, always denied this hypothesis and defended the client's insanity, without waiving the possibility of third party participation.

"What happens most often is that clients lie to their lawyers, and if a third party exists, it will be revealed," the lawyer told Gazeta do Povo a few months ago and was charged with personal attacks of non-conformity. politics, crime is regulated in article 20 of Law 7.170 / 1983, also known as the National Security Law, which was enforced by Judge Bruno Savino.

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