The armed forces participated in an integrated operation at Baixada Fluminense


About 3,000 military personnel participated today (14) in an integrated operation with state police in Belford Roxo, at Baixada Fluminense.

According to the Joint Command, which coordinated actions to support the Secretary of State for Security, 3,000 military personnel, 130 civilian police and 250 military police were called to action. Armored vehicles and aircraft are used.

The armed forces and police conducted operations in the Jardim Azul community, in the Jacarepaguá region, in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro.

The Armed Forces operate in Rio de Janeiro. – Tomaz Silva / Archive of Agência Brasil

Lawsuits include magazines, verification of cancellations, trying to remove barricades, and forcing arrest warrants.

The agents operate in areas totaling 117 thousand and include the Palmeira, Castelar, Vilar Novo, Santa Amelia, Morro da Fonte, São Leopoldo, Gogó da Ema, Pastor Bom, Parque São Vicente, Forest Park, Morro da Galinha, Morro da Caixa D &gua, Morro do Machado, Guaxa, Roseiral Park, Ipê Valley, Parque São José and Santa Teresa.

To carry out operations, roads and access to this area can now be closed in the morning.

Edition: Grace Adjutant


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