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The actor is "excited" about leaving The Walking Dead; understand!


Beware! The Walking Dead season 10 spoilers below.

The Walking Dead has a big twist on "Open Your Eyes," an episode broadcast on Sunday (17) which shows Siddiq's death at the hands of Dante, who turns out to be Whisperer infiltrated by Alexandria.

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Despite the death of his character, actor Avi Nash, who played Siddiq in The Walking Dead, has revealed that he is not disappointed with his departure from the series.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the star of The Walking Dead talked about Siddiq's death.

"[Angela Kang, a showrunner] and I had a preseason telephone conversation in April when he broke the news to me [da morte de Siddiq]. But he is a great storyteller so that instead of being sad or sorry for Siddiq's death, I am very happy to take on the task of participating in such a strong direction. We stayed on the phone for hours talking about post-traumatic stress, weakness and fatherhood – the writer gave me a journey with all the complications I dreamed of, "the actor said.

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The Walking Dead is in its 10th season. In Brazil, this series is shown on Fox.

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