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TFT: New champions, backgrounds, classes, items and more! See phase 2 summary

In the last few days, a lot of news has been revealed about Teamfight Tactics phase 2. Dozens of new champions, new classes, origin, items, and also changes to some things that already exist in the game. The new TFT patch is titled "Rise of the Elements" and is now available on the test server (PBE) for the public.

This time the news is featured by creators from all over the world. The riots gave them lots of information about the news so they could spread it among their fans. See a summary of everything to come in the next big stage of the game.

New class

Avatars: Element of Origin Avatar is calculated twice for the Feature bonus.

Alchemist: Alchemists ignore collisions and never stop moving.

Magician (3/6): Wizards have the opportunity to cast their abilities twice. (3) 50% of opportunities (6) 100% of opportunities.

Summoners (3/6): The unit called increases the life and duration. (3) 40% increase (6) 100% increase.

Druid (2): Druids regenerate 40 health every second.

Mystical (2/4): All allies get an increase in Spell Resistance. (2) 70 magic resistance (4) 150 magic resistance.

Alert (2/4/6): Protectors get an overall increase in armor. (2) + 100% armor (4) + 250% armor (6) +400 armor.

Predator (3): Predators kill enemies instantly which deals with temporary damage below 20% health.

Berserker (3/6): At the beginning of the fight, the Berserkers jump to the closest enemy.

Changed class

Killer (3/6): At the beginning of the battle, the assassins jump to the furthest enemies. Assassins get bonuses on Damage and Critical Strike. (3) + 75% critical damage and + 10% chance of critical impact (6) + 150% critical damage and + 20% chance of critical impact.

Blade Master (2/4/6): Blade Master's basic attack has a 40% chance to trigger additional attacks against its target. This additional attack deals damage like a basic attack and triggers an effect on hits. (2) One additional attack (4) Two additional attacks (6) Three additional attacks.

Ranger (2/4/6): Every 3 seconds, patrol officers have the opportunity to double their Attack Speed ​​for 3 seconds. (2) 30% chance to double your Attack Speed ​​(4) 65% chance to double your Attack Speed ​​(6) 100% chance to double your Attack Speed.

New Origins

Steel (2/3/4): Steel Champions get immunity damage for a few seconds when their health is below 50%. (2) 2 seconds immunity (3) 3 seconds immunity (4) 4 seconds immunity.

Crystal (2/4): Crystal champions have the maximum amount of damage they can take with one hit. (2) 100 maximum damage (4) 60 maximum damage.

Desert (2/4): Reduces armor from each enemy. (2) 50% armor reduction (4) 90% armor reduction.

Electricity (2/3/4): Electric champions electrocute nearby enemies when they cause or receive a critical attack. (2) 60 damage (3) 200 damage (4) 500 damage.

Forest (3): At the beginning of the battle, Forest Champion randomly makes a copy of himself.

Hell (3/6/9): Damage to hell spells burns the ground below the target, giving a percentage of the pre-mitigation damage to the spell as magic damage for 5 seconds. (3) + 80% damage (6) + 175% damage (9) + 275% damage.

Light (3/6/9): When the Light Champion dies, all other Light Champions get Attack Speed ​​and are cured by 20% of their Maximum Life. (3) + 10% attack speed (6) + 25% attack speed (9) + 50% attack speed.

Mountain (2) At the beginning of the battle, random allies get 1500 life shield stones.

Cloud (3/2/4): All allies get a chance to escape. (2) 25% Avoidance Opportunities (3) 40% Avoidance Opportunities (4) 60% Avoidance Opportunities.

The sea (4/4/6): All allies return MP every 4 seconds. (2) +10 which (4) +20 which (6) +40 which.

Shadow (2/4): The shadow unit provides a 5 second increase in damage at the start of a battle, updated when eliminating someone. (2) 50% increase in damage, damage is renewed when the unit itself removes a person. (4) 100% increase in damage, damage is renewed when each shadow unit removes a person.

Poison (3): Poison Champions applies Neurotoxin when they deal damage, increasing the target mana cost by 50%.

The origins have changed

Glacial (2/4/6): Basic glacier attacks have a chance to stun their targets for 1.5 seconds. (2) Chance of stun 20% (4) Chance of stun 40% (6) Chance of stun 60%.

New champion

Champion who will be charged 1 gold

ChampionOriginClassThe skills

Renekton ranges from dealing 150/275/400 damage and healing for 150/250/350 HP.


Summoning two plants that shoot fire in the corners of the arena, this cannot be targeted and attacks nearby enemies.

VladimirThe seaMagician

Vladimir deals damage to enemy targets, healing some of the damage done


Give the lowest survival champion who lasts 5 seconds, 200/400/600


After a short delay, a projectile lands on a random enemy for 125/275/425 damage.


Nasus is temporarily angry, earning a lifetime bonus and damaging adjacent enemies every second of his ability.


After being hit by an enemy ability, your next attack will restore 100/200/300 health.


Taliyah causes the ground to rise below the enemy with more Mana, giving 150/325/500 magic attacks and knocking it towards you (if he is a long distance champion) or away from him. (if he is a melee champion)


Ornn throws lightning at the cone in front of him, dealing 100/200/300 magic damage to all affected enemies and increasing the chance of his critical attack by 20% for 4 seconds.

That champion will be worth 2 gold

ChampionOriginClassThe skills
LeblancForestMage / Assassin

LeBlanc launches a smooth current towards random enemies, inflicting damage 200/450/700 and amazes them for 1.5 seconds after a short delay.


Your ability to create 3 balls of 60/100/140 magic damage, each spinning around and consumed while hitting a champion, + shield for 3 seconds of absorption for 150/250/350 health.

SyndraThe seaMagician

Syndra throws the ball at the target location that deals damage to the enemy.

ThresholdThe seaAlert

Thresh throws the flashlight at the smallest allies of life, protecting them and nearby enemies for a few seconds.


Dodge for 2 seconds, hit the nearest enemy 150/250/350 and stun them for 1.5 seconds


Malzahar opened the dark gate to summon dark spirits to fight beside him. Number of Spirits: 2/3/4. Spiritual Damage: 60/100/140


Neeko throws seeds at random targets. The seeds will bloom 3 times, each time with larger fingers, dealing 100/200/300 damage to enemies in this seed area.


Get a 150/450/750 life shield that lasts for 8 seconds. Get + 30% / + 65% / + 100% attack speed when the shield is active

The champion will cost 3 gold

ChampionOriginClassThe skills

Circle the world around you, dealing magic damage for 40/110/160 + 1.25% of your maximum HP and healing 100% / 150% / 200%


The third attack is in the area and heals 75% / 100% / 125% of the damage done.


Azir summoned Sand Soldiers for 6 seconds. Every time Azir attacks, the soldiers also attack. They deal damage straight

NautilusThe seaAlert

Nautilus sends a cargo inside that seeks the champion of the farthest enemy, knocking him down and fascinating him for a long time.


Frozen shots with enemies with low health and on-hit effects

SivirDesertBlade Master

During the next 5 seconds, the Sivir attack will shoot up to 10 times at nearby enemies, dealing 100% / 125% / 150% damage and applying an effect to the hit.

QiyanaOther origin (click here to learn more)Killer

Qiyana rushed to the side of his target and blew a gust of wind through them, damaging and mesmerizing the passing enemies.


Soraka creates zones in random locations of enemies, dealing 150/300/450 magic damage and preventing mana from being returned to internal enemies for 3/5/7 seconds.


Offers 200/400/600 area damage and crashes after a delay.

That champion will be worth 4 gold

ChampionOriginClassThe skills

For 8 seconds, Twitch receives an unlimited range and 100/125/150% AD. All your attacks pierce the target and apply an effect when they hit each target.


Calling Tibbers to deal with damage areas, Tibbers deal a lot of magic damage to their base attacks.


Launches 3 seconds of wind, heals allies for maximum health 30% / 40% / 80%, electrocutes the enemy for 1 second


Malphite advances towards random enemies, dealing 125/200/275 damage and knocking all nearby enemies into the air, stunning them for 2 / 2.5 / 3 seconds.


Yorick blesses his younger allies, not including Light Walkers. When they die, they are resurrected as Light Walkers and benefit from the original effects of Light. Number of Allies: 1/2/4 | Light Health Walker: 500/900/2000 | Light Walker Damage: 150/250/350


Increase Attack Speed ​​by 75% / 100% / 125% and Lifestyle by 20% / 40% / 60% Also Get Immune C

The champion will cost 5 gold

ChampionOriginClassThe skills

Singed leaves a trail of poison wherever he goes, dealing 400/800/1200 damage for 4 seconds.


After a delay, Taric and all the closest allies become invulnerable for a few seconds.

NamiThe seaMystery

Nami sends large waves towards random enemies, inflicting damage and resurrecting enemies, and convincing allies to provide additional magic damage when hitting the enemy.

Mr. YiShadowMystery and Blade Master

Master Yi starts to heal for 1 second, becomes unreachable and regains 30% health (if full health before 1 second, he stops meditating). After that, your attack deals 80/120/160 additional magic damage for 6 seconds, plus 100% attack speed. That also gets movement speed.

That champion will be worth 5 gold

ChampionOriginClassThe skills
Lux10 different backgrounds (click here to learn more)Avatars

Fires stunning bolts that give 500/500/1100 magic damage to all enemies in a row. Kill the target with your final fund of 50 MP

Champion that has changed

Champion for 1 gold

ChampionOriginClassThe skills
WarwickGlacialPredatorSame as before
VayneLightRangerSame as before

Precious champion 2 gold

ChampionOriginClassThe skills
BraumGlacialAlertSame as before

Offers 200/550/900 damage to enemies


Same as before, but with adjusted damage, 225/450/675 magic damage

YasuoCloudBlade Master

Yasuo teleported to the enemy with more items, threw them into the air for 1 second and cut them 3/5/7 times.

For volibearElectricity / IceBerseker

Volibear bites the target, dealing 200/450/700 damage. If the target is below 35% health, he is killed instantly and Volibear fully recovers mana.

3 gold champion

ChampionOriginClassThe skills
VeigarShadowMagicianSame as before
AatroxLightBlade MasterSame as before
Four gold worth
ChampionOriginClassThe skills

For 5 seconds, Ashe gains + 50% / 75% / 100% attack speed and his basic attack fires a 5-arrow that results in 50/80/120% physical damage (Total: 250 / 420/600) from damage

BrandHellMagicianSame as before

5 gold champion

ChampionOriginClassThe skills
ZedElectricityAssassin / Summoner

Zed creates an identical clone with him behind his current target. This clone can also provide flash and inherit Zed items, attributes, and current life.

New stuff

New Item - TFt Phase 2
Photo: Riot Game
  • Hell Cinder (Rod + Spatula): Characters also have Hell Light origin
  • Talisman of Light (Cloak + Spatula): Characters also get Light
  • Berserker Ax (Gloves + Spatula): The character also gets the Berseker class.
  • Close Mage (Mana + Spatula): The character also gets a Mage class.
  • Warden’s Mail (Chain Vest + Spatula): The character also gets a Watcher class.

New Mechanics: Hexagon Elements

The hexagon board (each space where you can position the champion) will have several buff elements. When each character is placed in this special place, it will get this buff effect. This fan will not change during the round and will be the same for everyone; As the game continues, more enchanted hexagons will appear. Remember that this occupies item space in the characters above.

Hexagon element - TFT phase 2
Photo: Riot Game

The first fans appeared right after the first carousel, the second in round 3-1. See the effect of each element:

  • Cloud: + 30% dodge
  • Mountain: +30 permanent health per round for the rest of the match
  • Hell: + 30% Attack Speed
  • Ocean: +30 where does the beginning

The board will also win more parts. You can check it here.

Many champions have experienced some adjustments in their own PBE, and this adjustment is already on the list. If you want this change and some bug fixes, just access the post on the official Riot Games forum.

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