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Start from the beginning: Learn how to change your eating habits


Second with "S" health. Starting a diet on the first working day of the week, especially after a vacation, may be difficult for many people. But maintaining a healthy diet is very necessary for well-being and does not always mean starting a diet.

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How about enjoying the holiday season to change your eating habits? Quiet! This change can occur gradually. Look at the tips that we separated based on articles published by Taeq.

1- One thing at a time: Make gradual changes

Even though your diet is very bad, the ideal is not to change everything at once, however, this can increase the chance of a relapse. Calm down, go slowly. Start, for example, by reducing the amount of candy and focus on it until you get a satisfying reduction. Then depart for other criminals in your food.

On weekends, it's good to take a break and eat what you like, but always in moderation.

2-Create goals and set your deadlines

This might sound trite, but setting goals and deadlines is very important for your organization. As you begin to lose food, think about how much you can eat during the day and how long you will stay before you reduce further. Do the same with the ingredients that you will add to your plate.

3-Watching the clock: Feed yourself every three hours

Eating every three hours is the right solution to stay satisfied without overeating. This habit helps maintain glucose levels and increases feelings of fullness.

4- Bet on fruits and vegetables!

There's no point in just cutting out the unhealthy ones. Fearless investing in foods rich in essential nutrients for our body, such as vegetables, fruits and vegetables. It's best to eat six servings a day – three fruits and three vegetables, but if you don't have the habit, start small.

5- Choose a healthier version of calorie food

You don't have to cut the food you like if you choose the healthier version. Change to more ingredients "lamp". When talking about baking, whole wheat is a good substitute for flour, for example, while skim milk and brown sugar can replace refined sugar in some dishes.

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