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The Integrated Selection System (Sisu) opens an inscription on Tuesday (22) to candidates who want to compete to get a place at participating state universities. Through notes from the National High School Examination (Enem), 235,461 students will be selected for 129 institutions.

It is possible to register until Friday, the 25th.

Below, see the main questions about Sisu:

Who can participate in Sisu?

To participate, you must make Enem 2018 and make a note above zero in the essay. The individual results of the exam were released last Friday (18) and can be viewed on the participants' page. Just enter the CPF and the password entered in the system.

Sisu offers 235,461 places in several state universities. No need to take college entrance exams for each – through this system, candidates use the Enem value to apply for places in 129 participating educational institutions.

Sisu is a system that uses the Enem value to choose students who want to study at public universities in this country. This works like this:

  • starting January 22, candidates must enter the Sisu website (
  • on the system page, it is possible to search by university, course or city. For example: "dentistry" in "Curitiba". The system will display all institutions in the state capital that have vacancies in this graduation.
  • candidates must choose two places to dispute and confirm the registration for them. Attention: You must indicate the order of preferences.

When this is done, it is best for candidates to wait until Friday, the 25th, when the system will close registration. You can change the course options during this week, based on the records of the partial pieces posted.

Is this a cut note?

Sisu publishes, once a day, a partial discount for each modality and course. This is a reference to help students register in an option where they really have the chance to graduate.

That is calculated as follows: assuming there are 30 places that compete widely in physical education at X. On the first day, 60 applicants submit this option. Among them, those who have the top 30 scores in Enem will be approved. Namely: the cut note will be the 30th highest. Example: 642 points.

If, the next day, students with better performance register, this level will rise. Therefore, it is important to be careful and choose options where there are real opportunities for approval. If the candidate value is 450, it will not be selected in the course with a minimum score of 642. It is necessary to look for other options.

That's good to repeat: note is only a reference. Even after the last one was released on Friday, other participants can register at the end of the day – which changes the minimum value. As a result, it is only possible to find out whether it was actually approved when the results were published (28/01).

What happens if I only go through the second option?

If the candidate is selected only in the second course option, this will be your only chance to register to Sisu. He will not be able to participate in the waiting list.

What happens if I don't go through one of the options? I take part in the waiting list?

If the candidate is not approved, he must express interest in participating in the waiting list. He must choose one of the course options to try again.

Each university will provide a number of vacancies based on the number not occupied on the first call.

Why is my Enem value different at each university?

The University attaches weight to the value of each Enem test. Not enough to add performance in each component (natural science + human sciences + language + mathematics + writing) and divide by 5.

For example, a medical course in Faculty of X can calculate the average at which natural sciences are more important than language.

What does "broad competition" mean?

These are vacancies that do not enter into the quota system and affirmative policies in general.

How do you participate in quota?

Under Cotas Law, all universities participating in Sisu must reserve a portion of vacancies for students who have completed secondary school in the public network. Of this amount, half will be directed to candidates with monthly family income per person of up to 1.5 minimum wages.

Institutions also have the right to make their own affirmative actions. They can, for example, provide bonuses in the records of black, pardos or original autodeclarados candidates.

Even if I register for Sisu, can I join Prouni?

Candidates registered in Sisu can also register at the University for All Programs (Prouni) if they meet the program criteria. If you pass both, you must choose only one option.

Sisu students are not allowed to study simultaneously at a private university by Prouni.

Sisu Calendar for the first semester of 2019

  • Registration: 22/1 to 25/1
  • First call: 28/1
  • First Call Registration: 30/1 to 4/2
  • Inscription waiting list: 28/1 to 4/2
  • Calls from other calls: start 7/2


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