Tuesday , May 18 2021

Silvio Santos menusuk Mara Maravilha: & # 39; No one can stand up & # 39;

Silvio Santos menusuk Mara Maravilha: & # 39; Nobody supports & # 39; - Press Releases / Lourival Ribeiro / SBT

Silvio Santos doesn't give a point without a knot! In the program last Sunday (18), the presenter decided to attack Mara Maravilha, far from Fofocalizando since August.

"The Ratinho program has a girl who can't be supported by anyone, Mara Maravilha. I still don't know why she is here at this company, and I always ask the audience: & # 39; What should I do with Mara Maravilha? & # 39;

The SBT owner continued, "I had to get acquainted with the wishes of my audience members and take action, he just thought about doing the program himself, just thinking about it.

Already in Game of the Dots, Silvio looked at Mara and asked: "Are you excluded from the SBT program for what reason? Do you want to be a program owner, want to talk more and send more than your colleagues?".

"Be careful that the SBT artistic director pays attention to you, and if you don't behave properly, he will get you out of the program, and you will get worse, you have to go to Record, to the Band, to the Globe," he warned. Silvio.

"God is more," said Mara.

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