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See the results of Tele Sena's 27th birthday, this Sunday draw (11/11)

Tele Sena (Photo: Reproduction)

Tele Sena (Photo: Reproduction)

SBT exhibits this Sunday, November 11, fifth and final draw 27th Anniversary of Tele Sena. In this commemorative edition, Tele Sena for 10 reais and those who buy capitalization can win prizes in a place with "Win Already".

With "Already Winning", Tele Sena buyers damaged the film and were able to find prizes ranging from 5 to 100 thousand reais.

The novelty of this edition is because Coupons are Awarded. When opening Tele Sena, the buyer can find a gift coupon, which will provide several prizes, such as Home, Car, Motorcycle, Cruise, iPad, iPhone 10 or Smart TV.

In this edition there are still prizes for those who make more or fewer points. Those who get the most points generate up to 1 million reais and those who get fewer points guarantee up to half a million reais. And there are still 700 thousand reais for those who hit all the numbers in the Sena Completa Telephoto image.

Tele Sena 27th Anniversary Result – 5th lottery (11/11)

Check the results:

Remember to store your Sena Tele. Anyone who saves Tele Sena for one year will compete to get a home and still be able to redeem an old title with a discount for the purchase of the new Tele Sena.

Previous results

See the results of the 27th Tele Sena birthday celebration before:

First draw – 10/14/2018

Draw 2 – 10/21/2018

3rd draw – 10/28/2018

4th Series – 4/11/2018

Sena Completa Tele Results

See the results of the Sena Completa Tele 27th Anniversary:

  • 50-51-54-55-56-57-59-60-61-63-64-65-67-70-71-74-75-76-79-81-82-84

Don't forget to check your Sena Tele! If you have pressed all of the complete Tele Sena numbers, you will win prizes in the amount of 700 thousand reais.

How to win in Tele Sena

Another opportunity to win at Tele Sena is to apply for the Proposed Registration. Just enter the Tele Sena site and register or enter your login. Then look for the Main Prizes tab and register your Tele Sena number to participate and compete this month on 4K TV, Smartphones and cars.

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