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See 5 credit card options for negatives


Credit cards are one of the most practical forms of payment available. This is because most services and products, especially online, require this type of payment. Thus, you do not need to pay in boleto or the need to remain in the path of a tireless bank.

However, not everyone has the facility to rent a good credit card, often because of irregularities in the CPF. On the other hand, fortunately, certain financial institutions provide payroll credit cards to individuals in this situation. This is a payroll loan case.

What is a payroll credit card?

Credit cards function so that the minimum invoice amount is automatically deducted from INSS salaries or benefits. Therefore, there is no need to consult with a credit protection agent, because your own salary is a guarantee of payment will be made.

Who can make payroll credit cards?

This can be requested by:

  • Pensioners and INSS retirees;
  • Federal, State or City Servants;
  • Military Army, Navy or Air Force;
  • Employees of private companies affiliated with Banco Bradesco.

In general, this modality is given to civil servants, retirees and INSS retirees, because they are people who cannot be dismissed, because salaries are a guarantee of invoice payment.

There are many card options in this mode available on the market. On this occasion, we registered five good credit cards without consulting SPC and Serasa.

Simple Cash Card

Without annuity and international, Caixa Simples Card is intended for pensioners or INSS retirees who are under 75 years old. Not to mention the release of annuity and one of the lowest interest rates on the market (only 2.85%).

With him, the customer participates in the Elo Mania Caixa Home and Club Check-up, Caixa's benefits that make him entitled to minor repairs, facilities, assistance and inspections for his home and discounts at partner bank stores.

This is a good choice for retirees, retirees and civil servants to receive their salary or benefits through Caixa Econômica Federal, because because of their relationship with the bank, clients may have a good internal score, even if the CPF is dirty.

To order, simply open the Caixa page or even contact the Caixa Card Call Center at:

  • 4004-9009 (capital and metropolitan area)
  • 0800 940 9009 (Country Interior)

Banco Bradesco payroll card

This is the only registered that may be requested by employees of a private company, whose company has a relationship with Banco Bradesco.

This card has a different interest rate and there is also no annual fee.

First and foremost, to apply, you must be at least 18 years old, for retired INSS you must be 21 years old. In addition, an income of at least one minimum wage is currently required. To have a copy of your ID, CPF and proof of address, access the bank's website or contact Fone Fácil Bradesco:

  • 4002 0022 (capital and metropolitan area)

Pan Bank Card

Also for no annual fee, Banco Pan offers Visa branded payroll cards for retirees, pensioners, and civil servants. Apart from that, this is also international.

This card offers a limit of up to 2x customer salaries or benefits plus interest rates up to 4x lower than conventional cards.

There is also a choice of plans offered by Pan, according to his financial profile. This includes Zero Annuity, Basic, Platinum, Gold and International. Certain options allow additional cards, but depend on other conditions and include annuity fees. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate the ideal option for each client's financial profile.

To rent, you must access the Banco Pan page, bring documents such as ID and CPF, proof of residence and proof of income. To do this, simply visit the bank's website or contact Fone Fácil Bradesco:

  • 4002 0022 (capital and metropolitan area)

BMG card

BMG cards are the ideal choice for civil servants, retirees and negative pensioners. That's because there are low interest rates, this is international, not to mention joining a special program, which allows customers to compete for cash prizes of up to $ 2,000 every month.

Requests must be made by the BMG Card website, by filling out a personal data form.

Banco Inter payroll card

Banco Inter is one of the most well-known and loved digital banks by Brazilians, because of its facilities and the absence of credit card annuities, which are also international.

Available to retirees and pensioners, and municipal, state and federal civil servants, with a minimum salary discount, which can vary from 5 to 10% of the card limit, interbank payroll loans offer interest rates far below most. other banks, as well as special payment terms.

Your request must be submitted by contacting the Bank, available 24 hours a day, at:

When calling, it is important to bring RG / CNH and CPF documents, cellphone number, allowance / registration number, allowance / salary amount, salary check and proof of address (with a maximum issuance date of 3 months).

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