Wednesday , February 26 2020
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RYZEN 9 3950X on a CHEAP A320! Does it melt something?

In one of the articles about things that we do just to see what happens, but which we don't recommend doing, we try to really balance the balance between the processor and motherboard. And the Ryzen line is perhaps the most impressive for doing that.

Due to the long-term support of AM4 sockets and significant growth in the number of cores during this period, these sockets support from dual-core processors to 16-core, 32-thread models! This is unprecedented scalability in the main segment, and it made the "monster" Ryzen 9 3950X enter the motherboard that was designed many years ago, with a chipset that will have at most 8 cores when first compiled.

Because we have an impressive window, we decided to do an extreme test. We put AMD's latest release AMD to run on the A320 motherboard, the most basic chipset available. In theory, ideally not to surpass Ryzen 3 for this mainboard, because it has a very basic strength structure. What we will do here is place 4x more cores than that.
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