Tuesday , February 18 2020
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Renato Gaúcho's new "goalscorer with captain Bolsonaro's" service "(see video)

A beautiful goal to silence the opposing fans, who are cheering against the country.

Here's what Renato Portaluppi said:

"I sent him a video last Monday, he called me Monday night, then we talked on Tuesday. I took the opportunity and was invited to watch the Palmeiras match with Gremio. He said he would do his best, but suddenly his schedule would be a little full. I'm glad I talked to him, returned the phone. He is the president of Brazil, not a fan of Palmeiras, Flamengo, Botafogo, from Gremio, he is the president of Brazil. He only has one flag, which is the state flag. He likes football, cheers for everyone, likes sports. I enjoyed, congratulating him on his work, Dr. Sérgio Moro, the whole team, for the great work they did. Many people might not think so, but I think he does a good job. He will work in Brazil, he will change Brazil ”.

Undoubtedly, a beautiful goal from the eternal Renato Gaúcho.

And the aim comes at an important time, when the government is fighting against misinformation made by the extreme press, under the command of Rede Globo.

The Left will try to reduce the movement, but the impact of the Grêmio coach's attitude itself is a demonstration that Renato Gaúcho gained fame and honor to be heard as an authoritative voice.

Watch the video:

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