Police investigate 9 dead in Rio de Janeiro – Jornal CORREIO


Nine people were killed and at least four people were injured in five criminal acts allegedly by the police carried out sequentially by the same perpetrators on Sunday night, 20, and at dawn on Monday, March 21, in the cities of São Gonçalo and Itaboraí, neighbors in the Rio Janeiro. The crime was investigated by the Office of the Murder of Niteroi and São Gonçalo (DHNSG). By 20 hours Monday, no suspects were identified or arrested.

According to the police, the first action took place in Rua Igualdade, in Jardim Marambaia, in São Gonçalo, around 11:30 a.m. on Sunday. Four men driving a silver car stopped at the entrance to a village, shouting that it was opened, and as soon as a boy appeared to attend them, they started shooting. Three people were killed: Rodrigo Avelino Braga, 38, Renan Trigueiro de Almeida, 20, and Gabriel Trigueiro de Oliveira, 19. Oliveira and Almeida were cousins. Braga is their uncle. Oliveira left an eight-month-old son while Braga left two, one of whom was four months old.

The criminals went to the Izolina Porto Lopes road, about 300 meters away, and shot Allan Patrick Pinto Vicente, 21, the fourth person who died.

Then they went to Avenida Cabo José Rodrigues, a kind of continuation of the path of Izolina Porto Lopes, but it was already in the municipality of Itaboraí. They passed the snack cart, where they threw at people. The car owner died, Débora Rodrigues Baptista, 46, Hercules de Souza Costa, 21, and Michael Douglas da Silva Machado, 25. Machado was the only one of the nine victims who had tickets by the police. He has been accused of robbery and drug trafficking.

Two other deaths were allegedly carried out by the same group in the Itaboraí neighborhood: Vanderson dos Santos Silva, 18, died at Granja Cabuçu, and Pablo Damasceno dos Esteves, 26, was killed in the Ampliación neighborhood.

According to Civil Police, expert investigations were carried out at the death site, and investigators searched for images of security cameras that made it easier to identify criminals. The police said they had an indication that the crime was committed by the same perpetrator and for the same motivation. Investigators say there will be a dispute between rival gangs over drug trafficking in the region.

Another hypothesis, put forward by residents in the area where the killings took place, was that the crime was revenge for the death of a military police officer, who happened last Thursday, 17, in the area. Corporal Rodrigo Marcos Paiva was killed in front of his mother while eating in front of a snack cart in São Gonçalo.


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