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Specialists tell how drinks and cigarettes prevent you from doing something

São Paulo, November 14, 2018 – In an era of selfishness, the search for plastic surgery continues to grow in this country: more than 830 thousand plastic surgeries are carried out per year, according to data from the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society. Many patients do not realize that some addictions from day to day can have a negative effect on their operations.

According to plastic surgeons and specialists from the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society, Dr. Seung Lee, addiction like alcohol and tobacco can have serious consequences while undergoing plastic surgery. "In routine situations these substances are already harmful to the body, but when performing aesthetic surgical procedures, they can place patients in more serious complications," commented the expert.

Criminals come in the package

A study by the University of Bezmialem Vakif in Turkey showed that active and passive smokers needed higher doses of anesthesia to undergo surgical procedures. About 33% more anesthesia is used in smokers so the level of anesthesia is the same as for non-smokers.

"Nicotine is responsible for a process called vasoconstriction, a condition in which blood vessels contract, which can disrupt the circulation and, in more severe cases, prevent blood flow to the tissues, causing necrosis. In addition, more than 4,000 substances in cigarettes block circulation and good tissue oxygenation, increases the risk of infection, thrombosis and slow healing, "warned Seung.

But it's also in the bottle

The main problem associated with consuming alcoholic beverages is in the postoperative period. These drinks make blood more fluid, increasing the risk of bleeding in the area being operated, in addition to extending the patient's recovery process.

"Besides not being recommended for mixing alcohol with drugs, consumption of alcoholic beverages inhibits analgesic action that might be recommended for patients in the postoperative period. Alcohol still compromises skin hydration, which interferes with the recovery of plastic surgery, delaying healing," he explained.

Attention to medical recommendations

At the time of evaluation, it is important that patients be sincere in answering specialist questions. The decision to carry out plastic surgery must be taken seriously to ensure patient health and good results from the chosen procedure.

"It is recommended that patients stop smoking and drinking up to two weeks before the procedure and remain up to two weeks after surgery. There are cases where this period can be extended, depending on the patient's examination. Plastic surgery can be a big motivation so patients never return to addiction, "closed the surgeon.

Dr. Seung Lee is a Plastic Surgeon by the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society (SBCP). Graduating from the Volta Redonda University Center – UNIFOA – RJ, he received a degree in General Surgery from MEC and a specialist in plastic surgery from MEC and SBCP. He has experienced aesthetic and restorative Bond Plastic Surgery – South Korea, underwent a medical residency in General Surgery at the Ipanema – RJ Federal Hospital, and a medium residence in Plastic Surgery at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

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