Pink diamonds sell for 44 million euros at Christie's auction


An incredible 18.96 carat pink auctioned for € 44 million – a record per carat for this color stone – at an auction at Christie's House in Geneva on Tuesday.

According to Rahul Kadakia's auctioneer, an extraordinary diamond, which was discovered almost a century in South Africa, was bought by American jewelry company Harry Winston, which belongs to the Swiss Swatch group.

The Pink Legacy, which is worth $ 30 million to $ 50 million, was immediately replaced by the buyer as "Winston Pink Legacy."

"The" $ 2.6 million per carat value is a world record per carat for pink diamonds, "said François Curiel, head of Christie 's Europe." This stone is for me, Leonardo da Vinci of diamonds ".

This extraordinary pink diamond, classified as "luxurious life," the highest intensity level on the color scale, belongs to the Oppenheimer family, which was directed for decades by mining company De Beers.



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