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Odair Hellmann said the great trump card of Jesus in front of Flamengo: "He managed to change"

Hired as a substitute Abel Braga for the second round, Jorge Jesus responsible for resumption Flemish in the fight for the title, with real opportunities leading the team towards achievement Libertadores handball and Brasileirão in 2019.

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Defeated by the Portuguese coach in the Libertadores quarter-finals while still ahead of Internacional, Odair Hellmann was a guest of Here With Benja! This Saturday (November 16) and commenting on the present life by the Red-Black, praised Jesus' ability to command the players full of heavy names.

In addition, Odair also placed Flamengo 2019 as one of the great teams he had ever seen playing. "(The Flamengo in 2019) is one of the great teams that I see playing, I see great teams playing … every team, every moment, has its characteristics, this is a special moment for Flamengo to live," he said.

"Flamengo has managed to recruit different players around the world, we are talking about Rafinha at right back, 10 years playing at Bayern, Filipe Luís is the holder of the Brazilian National Cup Rodrigo Caio, who is an extraordinary player, was in Sao Paulo at a time that was not so cool, come to Flamengo, meet., Flamengo goes to pick up Arrascaeta, Bruno Henrique, Gabigol, and coach, Jesus, succeed in making these individuals a great team with great abilities.He managed to turn these great players into great teams collectively. "Savio, 'a dream attack' doesn't work. Sometimes an individual can't be transformed into a great team, this one has been able to change," he added.

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Photo Credit: Alexandte Vidal / C.R. Flamengo

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